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Rosemary Ritual Bath: An Aphrodisiac Series

Rosemary Ritual Bath: An Aphrodisiac Series

Charlie Ann Max | October 20, 2021 | 3 min. read

Fude x Erika Lust presents: An Aphrodisiac Series, a five-part video series available exclusively on Lust Zine. This series was created with the intention of providing comprehensive information on how plant based foods can be used as a tool to heal and become one with your body, specifically on how an aphrodisiac can be used as a tool to connect to your own divinity within relationships.

In this second episode, vegan chef and artist Charlie Ann Max shows us the power of a rosemary ritual bath. Linked to the goddess of love Aphrodite, who is said to have been draped in rosemary as she rose from the sea, the herb has the ability to connect us to our most pure and divine selves. Using rosemary oil in the bath helps to stimulate the skin and encourages circulation, plus as the skin is the largest organ of the body and it's porous, it's a great mechanism for soaking up nutrients. While your skin is absorbing the benefits of the rosemary, you may simultaneously drink up the prosperous nutrients of the plant for double the action. Put your pot of rosemary tea next to the bath and stay hydrated.

Watch the video below to find out more about rosemary ritual bath:

The video was made with the help of Sophia Loukaides, the founder of mamoon remedies— a shop that provides the experience of ritual baths. According to mamoon remedies, ritual baths help to cleanse and rejuvenate the body and the spirit. Couples can give them to each other to let go of past patterns and invite healthy new ones. Individuals can use the bath, i.e. the element of water, to empower the self by letting go of negative past patterns and being clear with the universe about what direction to move toward.

A ritual bath is a physical, mental, and emotional tool that uses nature, water, plants, and prayer to release unhelpful emotions and blocks to create a space for a new beginning in a person or in a relationship. It soothes and acknowledges the spirit, by triggering all senses, into a meditative state, in order to shift the energy of a situation or person, into a position of power and serenity.

"I set intentions to give my mind a reference point. Rosemary helps provide the clarity I need to uncover what I want to focus on and manifest into my life. Setting intentions takes ideas from the creative abstract and roots them down into present action and focus. This is the perfect intersection between the divine masculine and divine feminine." — Charlie Ann Max

Did you know… Throughout recorded history, rosemary has been used symbolically and medicinally as an ‘herb of remembrance’. Ancient Greek scholars wore a wreath of rosemary during intense examinations because it was said to enhance memory. Modern science now reveals that simply sniffing rosemary oil can increase your memory by up to 75% while remembering future tasks.

Read more about rosemary by downloading the PDF below.

Charlie Ann Max is a multidisciplinary artist currently based between Los Angeles and New York City. Charlie is intentional about connecting humanity back to our most pure self in everything she creates. Whether she is modeling, being a vegan chef or... Read More
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