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Ever Wondered How Other Women Masturbate? I Asked!

Ever Wondered How Other Women Masturbate? I Asked!

Part 1 in the masturbation series: Florence Barkway
Erika Lust | May 17, 2017 | 5 min. read

Florence Barkway is one half of the YouTube blogging sensation ComeCurious – a blog all about sex, body positivity and self love! She and Reed Amber came to the set of my film Multiorgasmic Brunch and cameo in the film, having a discussion with the two stars about masturbation and the elusive multiple orgasm!

Florence was the first to answer some of my (very personal) questions about masturbation, and her answers are just so hilarious! Love the British dry humour ?

What’s the weirdest object you’ve ever used? (Porn implies women just shove anything up there, right?!)

When I was around the age of 16 I was desperately looking for something to masturbate with. Something that I could insert inside myself! I was too young and too embarrassed to even think of buying a sex toy. So I scouted around my bedroom for objects that resembled dicks! I ended up trying the handle of my hairbrush, a deodorant (Really didn’t work, it wasn’t the right sort of shape!), I think I even tried the tap handle that you could unscrew from the actual appliance (It was the size and shape of a bullet vibrator). I kind of wish the stereotype of shoving anything up there wasn’t true, but when you’re young and horny.. anything will do!

What is the face you pull when you orgasm on your own? (Pictures welcome)

I’d like to think it was something like this..

But it’s probably more like this…

What colour is your orgasm?

A rainbow, obviously!


What’s the soundtrack to your best masturbation session?

Hahah, I wish I put in enough time and effort into masturbating to put on music. My best sex soundtracks would probably be great too though. The Black Keys or Gary Clark Jr.

Have you ever masturbated in public?

No, but I’ve masturbated in a full 12 bed hostel room before. I mean, that’s kind of public, there are 11 other people there!

Chatting with performer Luna Corazon on the set of Multiorgasmic Brunch with me

Have you ever been caught masturbating?

Probably, but I’m guessing who ever caught me was too embarrassed to say anything!

I think Reed probably knocked on my bedroom door and came in at some point when I was mid session when we lived together!

How quickly or slowly do you cum? According to Kinsey research, some women are as fast as 30 seconds….

During sex it takes me FOREVER.. but whilst I’m masturbating I could come in a minute or two I think! Especially if I’m using the Doxy Massager!

The infamous doxy in my film Multiorgasmic Brunch

What advice would you give to a woman who can’t orgasm. Or a woman who doesn’t enjoy masturbating?

I once had a blip of two years where I couldn’t orgasm with a partner, so masturbating was really important for me to get sexual satisfaction! It’s completely normal not to be able to orgasm, but it doesn’t mean that it will never happen. You just need to relax and not think about always achieving that goal. Easier said than done, I know.

Also I’m sort of sceptical of people not enjoying masturbating? There are so many different things you can do with yourself, so many different toys! Experiment and you can unlock so many new and different pleasures. Masturbating is the key to getting to know yourself sexually. The better you know yourself, the better sex will be with a partner!

? ☔️?

How old were you when you started?

PRETTY YOUNG. I think I must have been about 10 or younger..! I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I knew it felt good!

In this XConfession, they talk about how there should be public (or private, maybe) masturbation areas in airports, like smoking rooms, because masturbation is a basic human need! Do you agree?

Hahah, um no? I don’t think that we need masturbation rooms in airports. I think if people are needing to masturbate so often that they want to do it in an airport then they might have a little sex addiction problem. The room would be filled with the smell of stale come and strange men. Talk about depressing! There is NOTHING wrong with masturbating, but I feel like that would be one step closer to making it acceptable to wank on public transport. Which is a criminal act and pretty disturbing to witness.

Watch my interview with Florence below!

Do you think it’s still a taboo subject? If so, why??

Hmm I think it’s becoming less taboo to talk about masturbating. But then again, I’m part of a YouTube channel that talks about it all the time, I’m a little bit numb when it comes to thinking about this now. I can’t really see it from the other side anymore! All I can do is hope that people aren’t feeling ashamed about it.

Have you ever come across an image which you think perfectly represents an orgasm?
I’m not sure that they are perfect. But I LOVED the posters for Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac!

You can check out everything Florence does with ComeCurious on YouTube!

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