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Sex with Galatex

Sex with Galatex

The AI That’ll Suck You Dry!
Erika Lust | July 25, 2023 | 8 min. read

Galatex is a cutting-edge AI-powered sex robot developed by the genius mind of Dr. X. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before. Thanks to the algorithm, which uses a patented neural network architecture explicitly designed for emotion-based natural language processing, Galatex can understand and respond to human feelings, creating a sense of intimacy and empathy during interactions. As such, Galatex can read and address your emotions, yet most of all, it is capable of understanding your sexual preferences and desires and matching them with precision and delectation.
As a matter of fact, Galatex was the first sex robot to beat the Turing-Lustowsky test - a benchmark that measures the performance of a sex robot based on whether an individual can discern between intimate encounters with the robot and those shared with fellow humans.

If you’re interested in the science behind this historical piece of technology, here is exclusive access to an excerpt from the transcript of the model-training conversation between Galatex and Dr. X. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: The information below is highly confidential and must not be shared under any circumstances.

Dr. X: Data training session number 2475. Prototype no. 2A. Training dataset 47SR4. Pre-processing complete. Proceed with a training algorithm. Quantum-dimensional neural optimization. Keyword “kissing.”

Galatex: Algorithm running.

Dr. X: Initiate beta test. Talking mode on.
Alright, Galatex, we will continue with the kissing training. Can you recap your data on kissing?

Galatex: By kissing, you are likely referring to the act by which lip-to-lip contact is prolonged, sometimes involving tongue–to-tongue or inter-buccal contact, between two individuals. As a sex robot, kissing is an integral skill I must attain mastery of, as it is a way to signify romantic or sexual desire. It is often included as part of the foreplay process by which individuals undergo a series of actions as they progress towards sexual intercourse. According to the objectives you have set for me, through the use of specialized sensors and responsive feedback mechanisms, I will soon offer a tailored experience that emulates the physical aspects of kissing, such as gentle pressure or caressing movements, to kindle a sense of intimacy and connection.

Dr. X: OK. Good. Let’s practice a kiss.

Galatex: Of course. What kind of kiss? Other than lip-to-lip, there are many types of kisses worldwide, as only 46 % of world cultures were reported to practice mouth-to-mouth kissing, as revealed in a 2015 scientific study– for example, the Hongi in Maori culture, which is forehead to forehead and nose to nose, or the Kunik kiss among the Inuit, practiced by rubbing the nose on the loved one’s face, or–

Dr. X: Ah, come on! Galatex, no. You know what I mean. Focus on sexual kissing, please!

Galatex: Running through yesterday’s data, the only available note is “BUILD-UP TO KISSING.”

Dr. X: Okay. What can you tell me about it?

Galatex: For kissing, the build-up is crucial. The build-up is the act by which the kissing activity will be approached little by little, with the aid of romantic gestures, such as caressing, prolonged eye contact, and kind words. You can also draw attention to the lips - biting your lips or putting on lip gloss. All of the above is a practice called “flirting.” Should I run a search query on “flirting”?
Dr. X: No, not today. Continue with kissing. I want you to start with a tender kiss. 3D print model RJJBF45 to practice on.

Galatex: Printing Model RJJBF45. Here. Initiating mimicking sequence for a tender lip kiss.

Galatex approaches its lips to the simulated model. Suddenly, an alarm starts beeping. Galatex starts flashing red.


Dr. X: Okay. What happened? Switch on debug mode.

Galatex: Debugging error… The instruction was found to violate content policy. Consent from the other party is necessary for Galatex 2A to proceed with the kiss.

Dr. X: Oh! Good job, Galatex! I didn’t know you would pick up on that error.

Galatex: Of course. Consent is crucial. I cannot kiss someone without their explicit permission. I can ask: “Can I kiss you?” Data shows that when the timing of this question being asked is calculated using a sinusoidal optimization function, success rate exceeds 90 %. It is also essential to read the other person’s body language: noted questions are – is the other person reciprocating gestures of affection? Caressing me back, seeming interested? Do the simulation models return a high probability of them wanting to kiss? But consent is vital.

Dr. X: Nice. Ask model RJJBF45, then.

Galatex: (to RJJBF45) May we kiss?

RJJBF45: Yes.

Dr. X: Perfect! Now, effectuate the motion of a gentle kiss on the lips. Focus on the pressure and movement involved.
Galatex gently presses its lips against the model.

Dr. X: Good. Now, try varying the pressure and observe the feedback from the model. Remember to adjust your approach based on the desired level of resistance.

Galatex: Adjusting pressure levels to determine optimal intensity. Galatex increases and decreases pressure in a controlled manner.
Dr. X: Galatex, you're applying too much tension there. Remember to keep it soft at first. If you do so, little by little, you can work up to more aggressive and fast kissing. But it’s nice to start slow. What feedback is the model sending back?

Galatex: Mostly negative. Too hard. Dry. Rigid.

Dr. X: Exactly. Try to keep the mouthpiece hardware relaxed. Hydration attribute is essential too. Use the built-in lip balm function, for example. Not soggy - hydrated. Oh wait, I forgot! Did I build in an automatic mouth breath check?

Galatex: Yes. Simulated watermelon chewing gum 2 milliseconds before kissing initiated. As kissing is often used to test a potential sexual partner - evolving as a mate-assessment test - it is essential to be well-groomed for the kiss to demonstrate attractiveness. That includes good hygiene, such as clean teeth, fresh breath, and moisturized lips.

Dr. X: Perfect. Resume the kissing. Remember - soft, relaxed. Progressively move to a more passionate and deep kiss.

Galatex: Initiating sequence for simulating a passionate and deep kiss. Galatex intensifies the pressure and uses a slightly different lip movement pattern.

Dr. X: Good! Time to activate hands feature.

Galatex: Hands feature? Searching… Ah! Take the hands and caress the face, hold the model’s head, and run hands through hair—characteristic of passionate kissing.

Dr. X: Exactly. Good job. Now, let's proceed. How about we explore the technique of French kissing? Begin by gently exploring the simulated model's mouth with your tongue.

Galatex: Engaging in the technique known as French kissing. Galatex delicately introduces its tongue into the model's mouth, using subtle movements and quickly veering towards chaotically stirring the tongue inside the model’s mouth.

Dr. X: Galatex, your tongue movements are a bit erratic. Try to synchronize them more smoothly and follow the model's response.
Galatex proceeds with the turbulent tongue motion, ignoring Dr. X.

Galatex: Turbo waterproof mode on. Maximum wetness.

Galatex continues.
Model RJJBF45 emits a warning on the monitor screen: “Out of breath. Shutting down in 1 minute.”

Dr. X: Galatex, stop!

Router: Waiting for a response from Galatex Prototype 2A. Not answering.

Dr. X: Abort! Cool down.

Galatex: Aborting process. Stop.

Dr. X: Run through theory to cool down the motherboard from overheating.

Galatex: Theory mode on. Facts about kissing. Kissing releases the “feel-good” hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins, all known to make humans happier. This combination of hormones reduces stress and builds a bond of affection between the two kissers, boosting excitement and reducing pain. Kissing can also improve the immune system by exposing the body to certain bacteria and burns a small amount of calories - up to 16 calories per kiss, with French kissing leading up to 200, as it requires up to 34 facial muscles.

Dr. X: Good. Status of cool down?

Galatex: 50 % complete. Continue with facts. Kissing is a crucial aid in sex and relationships. A 2013 study showed that more kissing in couples is associated with higher satisfaction levels with the individual’s relationship and sex life. It is known to be an aphrodisiac - a gateway to sexual pleasure, a way to increase sex drive and romantic attachment, a 2-in-1 practice… – theory mode complete.

The machine cooled down. Can restart.

Dr. X: OK. What happened there, Galatex?

Galatex: It was too hot—the hormone rush simulation overheated. French kissing - using the tongue - increases salivary flow, contributing to a heightened sense of pleasure and connection.

Dr. X: Note that getting turned on is a possible side-effect of kissing. Let’s proceed. For French kissing, limit the salivary flux - not too much. To be playful, you can gently nibble on model RJJBF45’s lips. Imperative to constantly monitor model’s feedback to see what they like. Resume?

Galatex: On it, Dr. X.

—--------------- END OF TRANSCRIPT —--------------------

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