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The Sexiest Instagram Artists to Follow RN! (pt.1)

The Sexiest Instagram Artists to Follow RN! (pt.1)

Erika Lust | November 03, 2017 | 2 min. read

Instagram erotic art is off the chain rn. Even though they want to censor every which way they can, there are literally hundreds of artists from across the globe posting their art and photography for the world to enjoy. Turns out the millennial generation isn’t only narcissism and selfies. And I’ve been ahead of the trend all this time! Ever since I started and creating porn for women I’ve been tracking down artists across the globe to illustrate your anonymous sexual confessions! I’ve interviewed a bunch of them on this blog, and I have an entire gallery dedicated to all of the artists I work with! So if you’re looking for some easily accessible erotic, feminist and powerful art, look no further! This is part one in my series where I will try to give credit where credit’s due to every one of my artists!

Plus, I’m always looking for more.

So if you are an erotic artist, email my comms team at and they’ll check out your work and see if it’s appropriate!

Scroll down to see 15 of my favourite Instagram artists and click on their image to see the sexual confessions they’ve illustrated, or to go to their Insta!

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Apollonia Saint Clair

We’ve got exciting collaborations coming up with the totally mysterious Apollonia.
Keep your eyes here!

Art by Apollonia Saint Clair

Art by Alicia Rihko

Photo by Ona

Polly Nor

Read her amazing interview here

Self love and self care are the sexiest of all sexies.

Art by Polly Nor

Art by Nikki Peck

Art by Regards Coupables

Art by Frida Castelli

Art by Tina Maria Elena Bak

Melodie Perrault

Read Melodie’s Interview here

Art by Melodie Perrault

Art by Nudegrafia


Yssa bases loads of her art on XConfessions films!

The image below is from Feminist & Submissive

Check out her colouring book here

Art by Yssa

Art by Alpha Channelling

Art by Petites Luxures

Part 2 coming this weekend, with 10 more artists. Did you like this? Want to know more? Can you recommend someone? Email:

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