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The Lust Weekly Roundup: An HIV Vaccine Is On the Horizon

The Lust Weekly Roundup: An HIV Vaccine Is On the Horizon

Monday 5 April – Sunday 11 April, 2021
Erika Lust | April 12, 2021 | 4 min. read

This is the weekly Lust news roundup: catch up on the week’s sex-tech, sex-politics, feminism, and industry news here every week.

News Roundup:

Having a low sex drive doesn’t need to keep you from experiencing amazing sex. Discover How to Maintain Your Sex Life With a Low Libido. – “What does hot and gratifying sex mean for you? What do you find sexy, and when? Are there specific situations or stimuli that you’re more into, and ones that turn you off? Like the rest of our feelings and behaviors, our sexual urges and expectations ebb and flow, and you might find that certain situations contribute to when you feel into it—or not.” [Vice]

And, an eye-opening read – filmmaker, actor, model, musician and performance artist Kyoko Takenaka recorded racist things men said in bars. For many, it hit home. And read about how they are creating cinematic projects aimed at educating viewers of their complicity or active participation in the othering and fetishisation of members of the APPI community. [L.A. Times]

An HIV vaccine could arrive sooner than we thought—using Moderna’s mRNA tech – “This new potential vaccine works by stimulating the immune system to produce “broadly neutralizing antibodies,” or bnAbs, specialized blood proteins that scientists first found in AIDS survivors in 1990. These bnAbs can attach to hard-to-access HIV “spikes” and disable the virus.” [Popular Science]

How Shan Boodram, a Black Sexologist, Is Changing the Narrative Around Sex For Young Women – “I think my job is to empower people to think, "No, I do have jurisdiction in this space, I do have knowledge, I do know what I'm talking about." When you have that confidence, you are actually more empowered to go out there and get the sex life that you want and communicate to your partners what kind of sex you want.” [PopSugar]

The Largest Study of Online Porn Just Came Out. The Results Are Disturbing. British researchers analysed the homepages of major free porn tube sites to see how sexual violence is normalised through video titles and descriptions. [Vice]

Don't miss the series finale of Three on Lust Cinema:

This Week’s Lust News:

Your Sexual Health Questions Answered by an Expert – A sex-positive approach to STI Awareness Month [Lust Zine]

The Fucking Playlist Takeover: Alexandra Kacha [Lust Zine]

Performer Gia Green Tells Us About Shooting Adult Cinema on Her Period – She asks, "Why Are We So Afraid of Periods?" and shares her experience having her period on set of my newest porn for women series on Lust Cinema, Three. [Lust Zine]

Every day I receive crowdsourced sexual confessions and fantasies that XConfessions guest directors and I turn into indie erotic films. Head to XConfessions now to confess your sexual fantasy. If your confession is chosen, you are rewarded with a one year access pass to the site and get to see your story on film.

Rain Goddess

I’m so sick of being wet, not in the sexual sense. No, because it’s been raining for 2 months. I’m at my wits end. I hate the tube so I walk home, but I arrive drenched. Wellington boots instead of cute shoes, soaked trenchcoat, my hair dripping wet even though I carry an umbrella. Arghhh! This totally kills the mood and I never feel sexy enough to feel like seducing my man. This rain will kill us! Last week I dreamed something that I want to confess here in case you want to turn it into one of your great films.

I got home, the rain hadn’t soaked me completely through, my hair was perfectly waves, high heels, luxury stockings, and underneath the trenchcoat…. the expensive lingerie that I saw online and dared to buy.

My man sees me enter and drops his jaw to the ground, I dance on top of him while I undress and then we have the best sex of this shitty wet London spring.

Confession by SoakedLondoner


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