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Hot Tips with Raquel Savage: Nurture Your Sexuality and Your Body

Hot Tips with Raquel Savage: Nurture Your Sexuality and Your Body

Learn how to take sexy photos, sext, and get some hot masturbation tips
Raquel Savage | March 31, 2021 | 2 min. read

The importance of self-care and sexual health can never be understated; the Lust Zine Wellness Series invites various experts and guides to help teach practices that will greater expand what wellness means to you. All episodes of the series are available to watch on my Youtube and right here on Lust Zine for free.

Raquel Savage is a therapist, sex educator and sex worker and is here to give you some top tips on how to nurture your sexuality. With advice on how to take sexy photos, how to sext and some hot tips on masturbation, you will want to clear your diary and stay home tonight for some self care and some self lovin' too (maybe you'll even throw on some porn for women from XConfessions too 😉).

Each of the tips in the video can be used to seduce yourself and strengthen your relationship with your own body. You don't need to have a partner to explore your sexuality, your most important erotic relationship is always with yourself. So light some candles, dim the lights and get some top tips from the pro.

This is the full version of the video and is available exclusively right here on Lust Zine. Thanks to social media #BiasedBanning when trying to upload this video onto my Youtube account it was immediately removed. As you will see, there is no nudity, profanity, or any explicit scene in the video – just Raquel giving tips on how to celebrate your sexuality. Biased banning showcases unfair and gendered censorship on social media platforms which adhere to a cis, white, heteronormative, male perspective of what is acceptable and what is not… So I guess women nurturing their sexual selves is enough for the social media overlords to say no. eyeroll

Please enjoy the video and share it with your friends to fight back against social platforms who do not allow us to share content that goes against their biased way of seeing the world.

Raquel Savage is a Therapist, Sex Educator and Sex Worker based in Miami, FL. Her work centers on sexual liberation through education. Raquel is committed to making her work accessible, substantial and personal. She facilitates Sex & Trauma Coaching ... Read More
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