Catherine Harry

Catherine Harry is a feminist vlogger and founder at A Dose of Cath, a channel that focuses on sex education, gender equality and cultural issues from a feminist perspective. Asides from being a vlogger, Catherine is also an agented writer working on her first novel. Named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2018 and shortlisted as one of Women of the Future Asia 2019, Catherine has been working to raise awareness on feminism and empower women to further the feminist movement. When she’s not speaking in schools and making her vlogs, she’s an avid reader and a passionate writer who enjoys spinning tales in a way that’s never been told before. She’s also enthusiastic about environment causes and animal rights. As an intersectional feminist, Catherine recognizes the challenges that women from different backgrounds have to overcome. She realizes that the feminist movement can’t be advanced without allies and support from other people, especially other women. With this in mind, she always looks for ways to empower women and inspire them to shine in their communities so that they can pass on the inspiration to more women.

Masturbation Conversations: Naming Female Pleasure

by Catherine Harry