Donnie McKinley

Donnie McKinley is an American author and activist from California. He writes about sex and sexuality, social justice and personal growth. But Donnie is not just any author. He writes from the perspective of an innocent man who has spent more than a quarter of a century in prison. When Donnie was 18 years old, he was convicted of felony murder and was sentenced to life in prison without parole, also called "death by incarceration". As a result of this unimaginable injustice, Donnie has spent his entire adult life in prison. Since 2020, Donnie is a resident author of publishing house and sex positive community Berlinable. Through his articles, Donnie gives us a unique and deeply personal insight into life in prison and into the thoughts and dreams of a person who, despite the unimaginable challenges, is determined to have his voice heard. By talking about sex in prison, LGBTQ relations in prison, racism in the criminal justice system and his personal journey spending 26 years behind bars, Donnie reminds us that there's a desperate need for change in how we view people touched by the criminal justice system. *Since Donnie is not allowed to have a computer, tablet or smartphone, he has been writing all his articles on an old typewriter and sends them regularly to Berlinable via post.


LGBTQ+ Relationships in Prison: Power, Coercion, or Love?

by Donnie McKinley