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Hocus Pocus, Pleasure Focused: Halloween Sales

Hocus Pocus, Pleasure Focused: Halloween Sales

All of the sales across Lust Cinema, The Store & Else Cinema
Erika Lust | October 27, 2021 | 4 min. read

Halloween season is here! There are plenty of spooky things happening in the world right now, but luckily a shortage of sexy, pleasure inducing sales is not one of them.

So, get your sexiest costume on and settle in, because I’ve rounded up the best Halloween sales across my platforms for you to take advantage of. I promise that this year you won’t be screaming for fear, scroll on down because only screams of pleasure await you here.

Else Cinema: Watch Episode 1 of 'Three' for FREE

Never mind trick or treat, we know that you deserve only treats this year so on Else Cinema you can now watch the first episode of the award-winning series Three for FREE!

Three is a dramatic five-part erotic series that explores the trials and tribulations of ethical non-monogamy and the start of a throuple’s love story. Defying traditional relationships doesn't come without it's own challenges, but this series shows us that loving two people at the same time can be more than just an arousing fantasy. Watch Ingrid, Andrea and David as they fall in love underneath the Spanish sun.

Go get it, ghoul! But beware – encounters with films of the erotic nature are known to provoke feelings of lust.

Watch Three for FREE now.

The Store: Ghostlusters Hunt for €3 Movies

Who ya gonna call? Ghostlusters! Well, if you want to pay just 3€ for an erotic film that is… For a limited time only join the Ghostlusters team and hunt down all of the adult films hiding on The Store for just 3€!

Head to The Store by Erika Lust to find all the 3€ erotic films before it’s too late! You'll have to search for them but do not fear, there's only erotic here.

Find the 3€ movies!

Lust Cinema: 50% Off Everything!

All Lust Cinema subscriptions are available for half price! Get 50% off and watch some of the most cinematic adult feature films & series on the internet. Half price means that instead of paying 30€ per month, you'll sign up for just 14.95€ per month which is just 50 cents per day! Or save some big cash by paying 59.95€ for the whole year, aka 17 cents a day. Better yet, this is a lifetime offer - so you'll get this exclusive saving for ever.

And, if you want to get into the Halloween spirit, check out the spooky Lust Cinema original movie The Cabin. When Andrew invites his wife Samantha to his family’s cabin for a quiet weekend away, they expect to digital detox and enjoy a relaxing time to reconnect with one another. A bottle of wine and a ghost story later, this couple is in for a chilling treat as they soon discover they aren’t alone. In this thrilling sexy psychological erotic film directed by Eli Cross, escape to a secluded mountain for the perfect getaway with all-star performers Casey Calvert, Mandi Slade and Derrick Pierce, and stay for the sensual thrill.

Get 50% OFF for life today!

So, how will you spend your Halloween? I hope with a lot of Horror-gasms! 🎃

And remember to hurry - sales available for a limited time only!

XConfessions: 60% OFF All Subscriptions!

Trick or treat? Only treats await you here 👻

Head to XConfessions now for 60% off all subscriptions! Enjoy Erika Lust's indie ethical porn site and discover movies that are visually arresting, go beyond traditional gender roles and push the boundaries of desire and intimacy. Each movie is based on the public's anonymous sexual fantasies and confessions. XConfessions is a global community of people who love sex and film and are looking for a new kind of erotic experience.

All of that with 60% off? No mere mortal can resist an offer such as this.

Get 60% OFF today.

Erika Lust is an award-winning filmmaker, producer, and writer who's focus on female pleasure, cinematic values, and ethics in adult cinema have helped to change how pornography is consumed. Erika Lust Films was born in 2004 and since then Erika has ... Read More
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