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Ink Addiction: An Erotic Celebration of Body Art

Ink Addiction: An Erotic Celebration of Body Art

Erika Lust | September 17, 2020 | 3 min. read

I’m sitting on the leather chair and I can smell the latex gloves that are about to touch my bare skin. I take a deep breath to relax myself as the needle penetrates my pores. I cannot move, I can only surrender to this sacred act.

This is not my first time, nor it will be my last. Getting tattoos has become a source of pleasure to me. My body is my own personal canvas filled with art that many can see, but only a few can understand. The whole experience is something very intimate that I continue to remember long after the tattoo has healed.

I find it so arousing to be part of this process of trust and creation with the artist. I have a desire to connect with other bodies, other canvases, to feel our skin touching and our art blending.

Read the confession by Obsessed with Ink

Three bodies merge together in an erotic celebration of body art.
In a mix of interview, dance and sex, performers Esluna, Jasko Fide and Anthony Finch share their passion for the world of tattooing and each other in the latest porn for women on XConfessions, Ink Addiction.

I’ve wanted to shoot the relationship between tattoos and eroticism for a long time and Eslina, Jasko and Anthony were the perfect performers to give me access to their world.

I’ve received a lot of confessions over the years about tattoos, from tattoo artists, people with tattoos, people getting their first tattoos, or just tattoo admirers. Whether it’s the sound of the gun, the pain of the needle permeating the skin, or just the beauty of the art, I knew this was a fantasy that a lot of you wanted to see come to life as well!

I am super happy with how this XConfessions short turned out and I couldn’t have asked for better performers and crew on set in Barcelona.

Go and watch the full movie and the behind the scenes on XConfessions now! A piece of art is made to be seen and having sex is the perfect way to celebrate these beautiful canvases.

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