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I Love You, You're Fired by Joanna Angel

I Love You, You're Fired by Joanna Angel

An adult romantic comedy about office crushes and affairs
Erika Lust | September 18, 2021 | 1 min. read

New Lust Cinema Original I Love You, You're Fired is here!

Directed by adult industry legend Joanna Angel, this adult romantic comedy follows Danielle (Vanna Bardot), a successful boss who has no time for relationships. But when Danielle's employee (Isiah Maxwell) finds himself falling for her, he has no option but to try and make her notice him. This adult film is all about secret crushes and hidden affairs. There's more to life than work, but will Danielle figure it out in time?

Go and check out this office rom com on Lust Cinema today! Just remember it's NSFW 😉

Watch the trailer:

With performances from Vanna Bardot, Isiah Maxwell, Charlotte Sins, Quinton James, and Brooklyn Gray - this Lust Cinema Original has all of your favourite performers and as always, they're up to no good.

Check out the behind the scenes footage and the performer and director interviews to get to know them even better.

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