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Refugee's Welcome: An Erotic Film Inspired by the #muslimban

Refugee's Welcome: An Erotic Film Inspired by the #muslimban

Erika Lust | March 10, 2017 | 2 min. read | Photos by Alexa

Using adult cinema as a medium for social commentary, first time XConfessions guest director and well-known filmmaker, photographer and provocateur, Bruce LaBruce sheds light on the complex lives of refugees in his film Refugee’s Welcome. It is a huge pleasure to have Bruce on my porn for women platform XConfessions; known for his somewhat controversial adult movies, Bruce believes porn is the ideal film genre for spreading political propaganda. For more than 30 years he has been working on a provocative cinema experience that captures the attention of the audience through explicit imagery whilst subconsciously breaking down harmful stereotypes.

TRIGGER WARNING: This film contains a simulated rape scene.

The refugee crisis in Europe, as well as Trump’s ban on Muslim immigrants entering America has incited racism and hate. It has dehumanised immigrants, making them appear to some as one big collective threat rather than individuals in need. The dehumanisation of refugees by Westerners establishes an ignorance to cultural differences. Although different sexualities exist all over the world, sexual culture differs. What may seem obvious and normal to Westerners might seem perverse or even sinful elsewhere. For many countries in the Middle East an autocratic and conservative culture exists and the more prevalent these become, homophobia rises.

With Refugee’s Welcome, Bruce LaBruce shows that refugees are human beings with sexual interests & desires, intellect, and ambitions. He dispels common myths to show that a refugee is a person capable of sexual intimacy just like anyone else. The Syrian refugee and the Czech punk that star in this film bond over their love for poetry. This connection leads them to reading poems to one another despite a lack of understanding of each other’s respective languages. This bond transcends their cultural differences and makes this adult movie perfectly complex, sexy, and fascinating.

Discover Bruce LaBruce's cinematic masterpiece on XConfessions now!

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