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Come Hither! New XConfessions Release in the Renaissance

Come Hither! New XConfessions Release in the Renaissance

Erika Lust | November 12, 2020 | 2 min. read

Sometimes I think about how my life would have been in the 16th century as an intellectual, independent and very sexual person. During the Renaissance women cross-dressed in men's clothing for many reasons: to avoid marriage, to have a lesbian relationship, to travel…

I picture myself travelling across dangerous mountain ranges. I fantasise about finding a wild stranger, a bandit perhaps, and unveiling my real body to him underneath the men's clothing that I'm wearing. I hypnotise him and we get all wet and dirty on the ground. We barely speak. It is animalistic fucking, like the nymphs and satyrs on those obscene and forbidden 16th century paintings that turn me on so much.

Confession by Cunnus

Come hither, lusties! After receiving countless confessions on XConfessions about historical time periods, your sexual thoughts about the Renaissance have made it to the screen in Let Me Sit on Thy Face, written & directed by Montiel.

In this porn for women you'll travel all the way back to the 16th century for a dreamlike sexual tale that turns past gender roles on their head. Naya is a lone traveler and outlaw who while journeying his way through the forest to his next destination finds a peculiar man. As Naya attempts to steal the man's belongings he discovers that the supposed man is, in fact, a captivating and intelligent woman named Mar who conceals herself as protection from the dangers of the open land.

Naya may have been successful in his thievery when taking from men but when it comes to Mar, he will soon realise that he is none the wiser and must succumb to the punishment he deserves.

I'm so glad to welcome back long time friend and guest director, Montiel! She beautifully captures the sexual escapades of 16th century travellers while reversing gender roles typically depicted during this time. With period costumes that will transport you to your history books, this historical erotic film will have you wanting to play dress up and running to the forest for a true down n' dirty romp!

Erika Lust is an award-winning filmmaker, producer, and writer who's focus on female pleasure, cinematic values, and ethics in adult cinema have helped to change how pornography is consumed. Erika Lust Films was born in 2004 and since then Erika has ... Read More
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