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XConfessions Volume 28: Your Secret Desires Come to Life

XConfessions Volume 28: Your Secret Desires Come to Life

Erika Lust | September 17, 2021 | 2 min. read

Adult film compilation XConfessions Volume 28 is here with six new explicit movies adapted from your anonymous sexual fantasies.

From an affair with a flamenco dancer in Cane Honey, to nuns breaking celibacy vows in Sisters of Pleasurethis adult collection has something for everyone!

Your confessions and fantasies brought to life in the most beautiful way — travel to Venezuela with Xocolate, then Spain with Cane Honey, and get ready because the surf is not the only thing up in Surf Porn! Join a new nun as she adjusts to celibacy in Sisters of Pleasure then watch The Narcissist get turned on by her doppelgänger. Finish off the night with a trip back in time in Orlandos.

Featuring the following XConfessions movies:

Xocolate by Liz Freimer starring Daniela Escalona and Manuel Melinkoff; Venezuelan chocolatiers fantasy.

Cane Honey by Montiel starring Maria Riot, and Tommy Cabrio; a passionate affair with a flamenco dancer.

Sisters of Pleasure by Perlita Leon starring Maria Riot, Bunnie Bennett, Jane Jones and Miss Estigia; a new nun adjusts to living celibate in a convent.

The Narcissist by Ron Rex starring Julia Roca and Bunnie Bennett; a psychological thriller about narcissism and possession.

Surf Porn by Gordon B starring Liv Revamped and Nathan Bronson; a California beach wetsuit dream.

Orlandos by Julia Ritschel starring KAy Garnellen and Sulema Vasquez (Dryklette); a period film that plays homage to Virginia Wolf´s book Orlando: A Biography.

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