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Roundup of The Most Erotic Movies on Else Cinema

Roundup of The Most Erotic Movies on Else Cinema

Erika Lust | September 01, 2020 | 5 min. read

For those of you who haven’t heard, I recently launched Else Cinema, a new streaming platform for all those times that you’re searching for something else from your erotic viewing.

If you’re looking to watch movies with sex for the first time, or you’re just craving a more sensual experience, Else Cinema is the perfect place for you. Although the films are less explicit, they are just as as hot as any of the films you can find on LustCinema and XConfessions. So whether you’ve already tried Else Cinema or not, I’ve put together a list of the most erotic movies the platform has to offer below. If you’re not already subscribed, you can try one week for free here!

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Tidal by Dwam

Are you aware of all your erogenous zones? We often associate our pleasure spots solely with our genitals, butt, and nipples, but the truth is that we can be turned on by any area of our body.

Maybe for you it’s the inside of your thigh, or possibly your neck or ears, but it could even be as simple as someone lightly grazing your arm. But the most exciting part is that a simple touch can transform into a full-blown pleasure filled experience. Do you remember that feeling when you’re first touched by someone else? The sensation sends chills down your body and makes your personal bits ache with arousal.

Tidal is an erotic film about surrendering to the touch of others while discovering all of the places that make you tick. It’s about choosing to let go and relinquish all control to the forces around you. Who knows, maybe by the end of this hot movie you’ll be craving an exploration of your own erogenous zones to find some new pleasurable sensations.

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Madelaine by Fever Films

Madelaine is a sexy burlesque dancer who captivates those who are lucky enough to be a member of her audience. With her all-consuming appeal and power of seduction, she lures fortunate onlookers for some post-show pleasure that is impossible to turn down. But Madelaine knows the rules are ultimately for her to decide, and she’s got some naughty tricks up her sleeve to turn the heat up on this erotic game of hers. Are you ready to play?

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Love Your Cunt by altSHIFT

Calling all vagina owners and lovers! This film is a celebration of vaginas in all their uniqueness and glory because vaginas are truly a beautiful thing. They come in all shapes and sizes; they can be hairy or shaved; they even have their own individual smell and taste. The truth is no vagina is the same, and so we must learn to love our vaginas for all that they are.

Kali Sudhra and Ivy de Luna star in this artistic porn that casts off all vagina shame for a true love affair between you and your vagina, and possibly any lucky person you choose to share its extraordinariness with.

Watch it now!

Mutual Masturbation by altSHIFT

Are you an exhibitionist or a voyeur? Or maybe you’re a lover of both. Although we typically view performers as the true exhibitionists, we can easily forget that they might just love watching as much as being watched. So when a couple is enjoying the arousal of the erotic film ‘Love Your Cunt’ starring Kali Sudhra, they are surprised when Kali asks if she can come through the TV and watch as they play.

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The Good Girl by Erika Lust

If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, my debut film that launched my career as an erotic filmmaker is also available on Else Cinema. ‘The Good Girl’ is a remake of the typical pizza guy trope shot through the female gaze.

I saw the demand for a focus on female pleasure in adult cinema and well, it was about time we see women enjoying sex on screen! The film is focused on the fear that we are accustomed to when discussing our sexual fantasies which in turn can keep us from exploring all the pleasure that can come with them. So when a successful business woman is forced to listen to her friend go on and on about her own sexual adventures, she begins to confess that she has some daring sexual fantasies of her own that she is finally ready to try out.

Watch it now!

This list is only a tiny representation of the erotic films waiting for you on Else Cinema!

I hope that with these recommendations you can find something that you like that can lead you on a discovery of cinematic erotica that turns you on! If you’re ready to try something else, click here to try Else Cinema for a FREE WEEK! If you have any other recommendations of erotic movies on Else Cinema that you love, please comment them below to share with others. ?

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