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My Top 10 Summer Movies For When You Wanna Feel the Heat

My Top 10 Summer Movies For When You Wanna Feel the Heat

Sun Screen: Round up of the Hottest Summer Films
Erika Lust | August 01, 2021 | 7 min. read

Summer is here and I'm watching my favourite sexy summer films! From road trip sex and steamy boat sessions out at sea, to sexy times submerged in water and even passionate group sex after an afternoon of skinny dipping. If you’re like me and you want to keep the summer vibe going all year long, then watch these hot sex movies to get in the mood.

Three on Lust Cinema

Fancy a trip to the Mediterranean? Watch Three, a Lust Cinema Original series that explores the joys, trials and tribulations of ethical non-monogamy and the start of a throuple’s love story set against a beautiful summer backdrop. The series is a realistic exploration of human sexuality and desire starring adult performers Gia Green, Bunnie Bennett, and Sylvan as they fall in love underneath the Spanish sun. It's sure to leave you looking for a summer romance of your own.

Watch it on Lust Cinema now!

Wanderlust on XConfessions

Are you ready to go to the land down under? XConfessions guest director Michelle Flynn takes you along the Australian coast with real life couple Oli & Verde as they travel in their camper van. After watching this erotic film you will be craving a summer road trip or to pick up and take your life completely on the road. You’ve probably heard of the movement #vanlifediaries by now, and Oli & Verde give you an exclusive inside look into their sexy and spontaneous lifestyle where sex is an option anywhere, anytime.

Watch it on XConfessions now!

Carpe Diem on XConfessions

Travel to the Caribbean in this holiday romance adult movie by XConfessions director Lis Freimer. Get lost in the crystal blue waters, white sand beaches, colourful streets of Venezuela and enjoy the hot vacation sex with a holiday romance. Performers and real life couple Daniela Escalona and Manuel Melinkoff are two strangers who can’t help but give in to the erotic electricity between them as they dance together to the beat of the drums at a beach party.

Watch it on XConfessions now!

Sweet but Psycho on Else Cinema

Imagine you escape to a rural home in the mountains of Spain with your partner. You are two hours from civilisation and the couple who owns the home considers it a digital detox resort meaning no wifi, no 3G and almost no network at all. You are ready to relax and disconnect, but it seems you’re the only guests at the home. When you arrive, the couple has made lunch for all 4 of you to enjoy, together. But wait, it seems the ad for the home failed to include some details, especially the owners who seduce you to a skinny dip in the pool after making sure you are properly wined and dined. Maybe you realise how attractive and sweet the couple is and you’re already feeling loosened up. Are you ready to fully relax and allow yourself an afternoon of extreme sexual pleasure?

This is the perfect summer film and I had so much fun making it! The performers all know and care about each other in real life, and the true chemistry between them makes their group sex even more lighthearted and passionate.

Watch it on Else Cinema now!

Romance Bullshit on Else Cinema

Stuck working this summer? So is this young writer and she’s struggling to find inspiration for her next novel. She’s stuck sitting in the office surrounded by motivated writers who seem to all have creativity flowing out of them as they frantically type their next big stories. She resorts to the balcony overlooking the Mediterranean hoping to cure her writer’s block and that’s when she sees him. Water slowly spills down his perfectly chiseled abs as he exits the sea after his morning surf. He’s a walking stereotype and she’s here for it, creativity has officially sparked.

Enter into this beautiful writer’s mind as she puts her dirty thoughts about what she would love to do to this man into words. This film is as perfect as fiction can be, but so steamy that I must warn you it’s definitely NSFW.

Watch it on Else Cinema now!

Rico Rico on XConfessions

Returning XConfessions Director Maximus Skaff is back with this sexy queer movie set in Puerto Rico. This queer party is fun, diverse, and very sexy. Set in a community location that offers an LGBTQ+ safe space and the freedom to be yourself; this movie is a celebration of the energy and freedom that you only ever experience on the dance floor. But it's not all about the club, from the dance floor to a white sand beach — adult performers Teresa Karolina and Lembra show us femme bodies embodying eroticism in all kinds of ways.

Watch it on XConfessions now!

The Intern on Lust Cinema

I can’t do a summer film roundup and not include my first full-length feature film for Lust Cinema, The Intern. Lena Anderson plays Maddie, an American who leaves the United States for a summer internship at Erika Lust HQ in sunny Barcelona. Maddie was only looking for new experiences and to finally live her life to the fullest after growing up in a conservative household. In the end what she got was not only her first orgasm, intimate moment with a woman, but a sexual awakening of a lifetime. Three months after Maddie disappears from home, her sister Paisley (Casey Calvert) comes to Barcelona to find her and bring her home. Unknowingly, Paisley may just find herself lured by the open-minded and sexually liberated residents of Barcelona.

Watch it on Lust Cinema now!

Girl Friday on Lust Cinema

Girl Friday is the summer erotic drama you’ve been searching for. Nica Noelle directs this sexy lesbian psychological feature film inspired by Steven Shainberg’s film Secretary. Charlie is a recent college graduate and is spending her first summer after school searching for a job. When she finally lands one working at a law firm, she is instantly aware that her new boss Olivia (Mona Wales) is a force to be reckoned with. Olivia is a strong woman who likes to dominate in the office and in her sexual encounters, and she’s terrific at both. When Charlie discovers Olivia’s dom/sub relationship with her previous secretary, Charlie’s obsession with Olivia begins to consume her every thought. Charlie is ready to submit to the allure of Olivia this summer, are you?

Watch it on Lust Cinema now!

Outdoor Sex & Outdoor Sex Vol. 2 on The Store by Erika Lust

Are you a lover of the outdoors? So are we. That’s why I created not one, but two collections of all the best films featuring outdoor sex. Each collection includes 7 films of al fresco fun. Sex on the beach, in a forest and even on a boat. These films are perfect for some summer sexploration inspiration.

Watch Outdoor Sex & Outdoor Sex Vol. 2 on The Store by Erika Lust now!

Men in Kilts on Else Cinema

Stuck at her boring desk job, Cintia is easily distracted by the popular calendar of rugged men adorned in their traditional kilts that decorates her cubicle. She can’t help her mind from drifting off into a daydream where her Scottish heritage and sexual desires meet. But when she receives a call from an unexpected man with a sexy Scottish accent, her fantasy might just finally come to life.

Watch it on Else Cinema now!

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of all the hottest summer films and hopefully found some spicy new films to watch. If your favourite summer film didn’t make the list I would love to hear about it! Comment your favourite erotic summer film or even place to have a steamy summer session in the comments below.

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