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Watch ‘Sex and Love in the Time of Quarantine’ for FREE

Watch ‘Sex and Love in the Time of Quarantine’ for FREE

Erika Lust | April 16, 2020 | 2 min. read

Are you ready to bring some more intimacy and eroticism to your social distancing? I have been living in lock down in Barcelona for one month so far and I feel like there is an invisible thread connecting us all around the world, whether we’re social distancing, in isolation or in lock down, and I can feel a collective desire for more interaction and connection.

So, today I have released a new sex documentary, made in the last couple of weeks whilst we have all been social distancing, and it is available for everybody to watch for free.

‘Sex and Love in the Time of Quarantine’ transports us to four cities, into the homes and real lives of six performers, giving us an insight into how they satisfy themselves during isolation. To watch it for free, simply follow this link and enter your email address.

Based on a personal confession that I wrote from my own isolation, I invited the performers to film themselves at home playing a game that leads to a special erotic adventure. In Florida, King Noire & Jet Setting Jasmine start with a kinky game of heads & tails, meanwhile in Barcelona the couple behind MySweetApple play a sexy version of Twister. In New York and LA respectively, Kenneth Play and Casey Calvert invite us in to their private space to show us just how they self pleasure.

This is the Lust answer to social distancing, watch the trailer now:

I’m really excited to share this special project with you. I’m so happy with how it turned out and how quickly we managed to turn it around from the minute I wrote the confession that inspired this film a few short weeks ago, to the performers filming themselves in their homes around the world, to my production team in Barcelona putting it all together.

I hope that for you, like me, this short documentary gives you a sense of intimacy and connection with a wider community during these hard times. Plus some inspiration of how to make your quarantine a little hotter!

Head here now to watch the movie for free & let me know what you think!

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