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New Lesbian Dreamlike Fantasy on XConfessions: Hazme las Uñas

New Lesbian Dreamlike Fantasy on XConfessions: Hazme las Uñas

A cinematic ode to hand fetishism
Erika Lust | January 07, 2021 | 2 min. read | Photos by Mónica Figueras

I find hands an extremely intimate part of my body, they are my most precious tool. I explore my body with them, I give myself pleasure with them, and holding hands with someone feels more intimate to me than sex.

I always find it awkward when someone accidentally touches my hand or I have to endure a cold handshake with a new colleague. But the other day I went for my first manicure at a nail salon and what an experience it was…

I loved the modus operandi of the nail artist, she was professional and caring at the same time. I expected to feel uncomfortable but I actually felt so close to her that I started to feel aroused. I felt the impulse to talk to her, to share my thoughts and feelings. I opened myself up to her like I've never done before. And of course I got the coolest nails!

Confession by chicago_nails

Time to get glam, are you ready?

Welcome to a colourful and elegant lesbian dreamland. First time XConfessions director Perlita León explores hand fetishism and the glamorous life that exists within nail salons in Hazme las Uñas, the newest porn for women on XConfessions.

Marivi (Jane Jones) is the owner of a dazzling salon dripping in shades of pink that was inspired by and resembles the ambiance set in Pedro Almodóvar's cinematic worlds. When one of her top clients Susi (Gia Green) comes for her nail appointment, the touch, rub and feel of one another's hands makes them stop in rapt attention. These women enter a state of romance with one another, and yet more so with their hands.

This might be Perlita's first time directing on XConfessions but she's been by my side as my art director for years. Finally, you get the chance to enter her artistically crafted world full of lavish outfits and a vividly coloured set. Take a journey through her mind and watch her incredible directing skills in this romantic lesbian fantasy film that serves as a cinematic ode to hand fetishisation.

Head on over to XConfessions now to watch Hazme las Uñas, see exclusive photos, interviews with the director & performers, and watch the behind the scenes footage!

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