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New Queer Love Story Dripping in Pink on XConfessions: Like a Butterfly

New Queer Love Story Dripping in Pink on XConfessions: Like a Butterfly

Erika Lust | February 18, 2021 | 2 min. read

When I'm with her, we are butterflies
I watch her, begging her to come play with me in my mind
I'll start as a caterpillar, beginning to hear the insect sounds that leave your lips
Your sentences almost never make sense and turns me on, so I crawl upwards
I wanna feel your skin melt on my skin and never leave this candy land
Where I'm a candy boy and you're my candy girl and we teach each other how to fly
Gravity keeps me afloat, but my mind is underwater, unaware of the depths of my attraction
I can barely remember her name
Pulling my puppet strings and my withered wings that start to turn to color as bright as hers
I wonder what happened to my skeleton frame and my broken parts
I wonder if our insides look the same too

Confession by Candy Boy

Step into the 5th dimension for a queer love story about transforming into one's true self in Like a Butterfly, available now on XConfessions, the home for quality porn for women.

Performers Stevie Trixx and Kaya Lin will give your queer sex fantasies life with this latest XConfessions release. In a pink dreamworld, a transformation of the most natural kind occurs alongside a poem written by director Maximus Skaff about organic adoration – acceptance and love for one's true identity.

All the way from New York, filmmaker Maximus Skaff returns to XConfessions for this artistic erotic movie. Not only has Maximus created a beautiful, queer dreamland, but Max works with an almost entirely LGBTQ+ crew that creates revolutionary, feminist content based on genuine experiences.

It's time to step into this LGBTQ+ friendly paradise and prepare for a beautiful transformation and a trans love story like never before.

Film stills from Like a Butterfly available now on XConfessions

Head on over to XConfessions now to watch Like a Butterfly, see exclusive photos, interviews with the director & performers, and watch the behind the scenes footage!

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