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A Sisterhood of Sexual Satisfaction: Sisters of Pleasure on XConfessions

A Sisterhood of Sexual Satisfaction: Sisters of Pleasure on XConfessions

Erika Lust | May 27, 2021 | 2 min. read | Photos by Arden

Every time something goes wrong in my busy life like struggling with work or paying the bills, I think about becoming a nun and spending my days locked up in a convent with my friends. We would cook together, read all day, and of course have hot sex in the name of God.

Confession by SorMa

How do nuns commit themselves to celibacy? They conceal their urges when necessary and bask in their sweet sexual desire behind closed doors, of course! You're about to enter the XConfessions pleasure convent in the newest release — Sisters of Pleasure.

When a new nun joins a convent she finds it difficult to commit her mind and body to her vow of celibacy. But she's about to learn that the sisterhood she joined is much more sexually satisfying than she had previously believed… With the help of her new sisters, she realises that the convent is a place of disinhibited sisterhood where women's pleasure is of the utmost importance. Now, this is an oath she'll take!

No strict, scary nuns here! Returning XConfessions Guest Director Perlita León creates a fantasy world where the nuns are naughty and temptation is meant to be given in to. Using inspiration from 70s Italian horror films, Sisters of Pleasure is the stylised, artistic, sexy, Spanish lesbian erotica that you didn't know you'd always wanted. Go behind the scenes with the stars of the film — Bunnie Bennett, Maria Riot, Jane Jones, and Miss Estigia — in these exclusive photos, and don't forget to head on over to XConfessions when you're done — the Sisters of Pleasure are waiting…

On XConfessions, people from all over the world share their sexual stories and fantasies. Every month I pick two and turn them into cinematic short films. Still not a member of XConfessions? Register now! Or share your sexual fantasy, and it might become a short film 😉

Erika Lust is an award-winning filmmaker, producer, and writer who's focus on female pleasure, cinematic values, and ethics in adult cinema have helped to change how pornography is consumed. Erika Lust Films was born in 2004 and since then Erika has ... Read More
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