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XConfessions Volume 27: Six of Your Secret Sexual Fantasies

XConfessions Volume 27: Six of Your Secret Sexual Fantasies

Erika Lust | June 18, 2021 | 2 min. read

Adult film compilation XConfessions Volume 27 is here with six new explicit movies adapted from your anonymous sexual fantasies.

From XConfessions' first South Asian themed movie, 'The Saree Shop', to an all female punk band threesome in 'Girl Gang' – this adult collection delves into the range of your desires and shows us why variety is the spice of life.

And your confessions aren't just varied in theme, they also span the globe — prepare to travel to Finland in 'The Nude Muse', before moving over to the white sand beaches of Puerto Rico in 'Rico Rico', and you'll finish up with the final two movies 'The Set Up' and 'Dubbing' in arguably one of the sexiest countries in Europe, where Erika Lust Films was born; Spain.

Featuring the following XConfessions movies:

The Saree Shop by Erika Lust & Kali Sudhra starring Kali and Kajal; get an exclusive first look at XConfessions first South Asian themed movie.

Girl Gang by Charlie Benedetti starring Charlie, Maria Riot, Bunnie Bennett, and Catalina d'Aragó; an all woman rock band and some hot group sex.

The Nude Muse by Lynx Ymir starring Riba Nevaeh and Oja Kay; an erotic life drawing class comes to life in Finland.

Rico Rico by Maximus Skaff starring Teresa Karolina and Lembra; a raucous, diverse, hedonistic, and sexy queer party in Puerto Rico.

The Set Up by Von Ferro starring Tommy Cabrio and Sheila Ortega; a vintage, melodramatic, oh so sexy, Spanish comedy.

Dubbing by Aleix Rodón starring Mar Nantas and Jean Ambar; Discover the seductive power of a voice.

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