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Do You Like Latex? New Release: Rubber Feel

Do You Like Latex? New Release: Rubber Feel

Meet Director Von Ferro & Performers Silvia Rubí and Juan Lucho
Erika Lust | November 26, 2020 | 3 min. read | Photos by Mónica Figueras

It all started when I was thirteen years old and I went to my first swimming class. My mum bought me a swimming hat that became my most valuable possession. I was fascinated by the softness of the rubber, by the sound the hat made when I put it on my head, by the smell, by the fact that the rubber gets hot or cold depending on the temperature of the air, and by the shine. I've always liked shiny things.

My obsession with the hat increased the day that I came out of the pool and rubbed it over my crotch. From that moment I haven't been able to stop thinking about a man covered in rubber that I can touch, lick, smell, look at and, of course, shine.

Confession by shiniron

Rubberists rejoice!

Have you ever paid attention to the smooth touch of latex, listened to the sound it makes, or taken time to stop and smell the rubber? If you're not a rubber enthusiast yet, you may well be after watching this fetish porn for women by guest director Von Ferro.

You'll find yourself in an office late at night where two people with a taste for rubber find each other. Activate all of your senses as you watch Silvia Rubí and Juan Lucho explore their love of the smell, of the touch, and of having sex with someone dressed head to toe in latex.

Read on to see why Director Von Ferro chose this confession to make into an adult short film.

"I feel that there is a value for those with a latex fetish, including myself, the fetish for the smell, the touch, the enjoyment of a full sex scene with someone dressed in latex" – Silvia Rubí, Performer

Director Von Ferro explains why he chose to make this movie,

"Rubber Feel comes from my interest in fetishes, as an exploration and as a way to find a new way to visually represent them.

Rubber and latex have always appealed to me on a personal level, it turns me one to see it, I like seeing it. So I started to think about a story for the screen, and while researching online I found a variety of testimonies from people talking about how they discovered their taste for rubber.

Suddenly, a story about two people with a taste for rubber who identified each other came to mind. Then I started to develop that office type of universe, at night time, with warm light.

The cast Silvia Rubí and Juan Lucho identify each other and share this taste for rubber."

Go to XConfessions now to watch Rubber Feel, see exclusive photos, interviews with the director & performers, and watch the behind the scenes footage!

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