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XConfessions Vol. 25: New Collection of Genre-Busting Adult Cinema

XConfessions Vol. 25: New Collection of Genre-Busting Adult Cinema

Erika Lust | December 26, 2020 | 3 min. read

The final XConfessions collection of 2020 is here! You shared your erotic stories, and six incredible XConfessions guest directors turned them into porn for women. In XConfessions fashion, these films portray sex that is real and extra, extra hot.😉 In this newest collection you'll find films that defy traditional film genres, from horror to epic films. This is high quality storytelling brought to your screen with cinematic beauty. Scroll on down to see how XConfessions erotic movies continue to redefine adult cinema with XConfessions Vol. 25.

Rubberists, gather 'round! Rubber Feel is a latex fetish film that's all about the arousal of latex. The feel, touch, sound - all of it taking a latex lover to cloud nine. Returning XConfessions guest director Von Ferro, proves the eroticism of finding your rubber devoted counterpart.

For those who've got a romance with role play, Monogamish is the erotic movie for you. Real life couple Siouxsie Q and Michael Vegas star in this self shot adult movie about a couple discovering a new relationship dynamic - monogamish.

But, when making groundbreaking adult cinema sometimes a film is ideal when coupled with a little social commentary and Blind(ed) Date perfects this pairing. This adult movie directed by returning XConfessions guest director Sally Fenaux Barleycorn combines horror and adult cinema for a cinematic experience that will have your heart-racing for a couple different reasons. 😏

Then, travel back to the Renaissance era with with Let Me Sit on Thy Face. XConfessions guest director Montiel returns with this indie adult film that breaks expectations of women and their influence during the 16th century. Here, the woman is intelligent, independent and sexy as hell. She's got the power to get what she wants, and she will do so in historical clothes so hot you'll be begging for a time machine.

And, a big warm welcome to XConfessions newest guest director, Sylvia Borges! If you agree that the only good thing about fighting with your partner is the groundbreaking, earth-shattering make-up sex that proceeds, then Do You Remember? is the erotic movie you'll want to see.

Finally, enter a dreamlike lesbian fantasy that appeals to all the senses with Hazme las Uñas and its colourful decor and invigorating sex scene. I'm so excited to present first time XConfessions guest director Perlita! She has worked by my side as my Art Director extraordinaire since 2014 and she knows how to perfectly capture sexiness in the most artistic of ways.

I hope you enjoy this newest collection of genre-busting indie adult films. With XConfessions Vol. 25 you can end your year the right way, on a cinematic journey that takes you to new erotic realms. These erotic films like every XConfessions film, are inspired by crowd-sourced sexual fantasies and confessions. If you haven't yet had the chance, go on over to XConfessions to share yours with me. Who knows, maybe your confession will be the next big erotic movie…

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