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ASMR Challenge: Your Sexy Submissions Made at Home

ASMR Challenge: Your Sexy Submissions Made at Home

My favourite clips from the ASMR sounds competition
Erika Lust | February 16, 2021 | 2 min. read

To celebrate the release of my latest porn for women on XConfessions, ASMR: The Sound of Sex, I asked you to record your own ASMR sounds and share share them with me to be in with the chance of winning a 1 year free subscription to XConfessions.

And if you’re still thinking what is ASMR? Check out my ASMR explainer piece and don't forget to watch ASMR on XConfessions for the full erotic experience.

But for now, back to Twitter where you were all grabbing your slime and your fruit to record some sexy ASMR sounds…

I had so much fun listening to all of your entries and loved how creative you all were. Thanks to everyone who participated, here are some of my favourites! Get your headphones in, listen away and maybe you'll get inspired to try your own…

1. This entry comes from Paul in the UK who experimented with a squeaky chair for this submission…

2. A personal and very sexy submission complete with the sound of high heels on floorboards, a running bath, candles being lit, wine pouring and a sexy British accent; this shows the power of audio when it comes to seduction! Don't leave her waiting too long…

3. Paul's second entry is spine tingling material. You may not be able to quite put your finger on the sound but there is something about it that will definitely capture your attention.

4. This beautiful erotic submission comes from the Berlin-based creator behind the anonymous Instagram account Tales of Lara . This one will have you feeling hot n' bothered.

5. Combine ASMR with meditation in this very special entry. This will not only give you the tingles but also rid you of any tension you might be holding. Follow the instructions, relax and don't forget to breathe.

Go and watch ASMR: The Sound of Sex on XConfessions featuring Luna Corazón, Maximo Garcia, Nat Portnoy and me (!) now.

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