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What is Giantess Fetish? What it's Like to Have Macrophilia

What is Giantess Fetish? What it's Like to Have Macrophilia

Mae Ling | September 14, 2021 | 7 min. read

Godzilla and King Kong are both god-sized monsters that overtook towns and cities. They created so much chaos and fear, destroying everything in their path. Yet, we tiny humans fell in love with them. The idea of being so helplessly small, unable to stop them, along with a realization that they were a force to be reckoned with. They could literally do whatever they wanted and the humans would only beg and plea for our feeble lives. When these movies were released in 1933 and 1954, they gained their popularity and ignited the idea of something greater to the population.

Hollywood and Giants

To name a few Hollywood movies with giant themes: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Alice in Wonderland, Gulliver’s Travels, Ant-Man and the Wasp, BFG (Big Friendly Giant) and of course Attack of the 50ft Woman. Hollywood shone a light on these giant beings and enhanced our imaginations with a world of giants. Giants the size of skyscrapers or even larger who made the Earth look like a marble in the palm of their hands. Would that make them Gods and Goddesses? A common theme in all films with giants is that they are so enormous, their simple strides could demolish a whole town. Whether it be shrinking down regular humans or having something that made the person grow into a giant themselves, tiny human lives were reminiscent of small little bugs underneath the giants shadow.

Giantess and Goddess Sized Women

What would you do to be spared by a giant? What would you do to beg for the mercy of someone who could literally blow you away with a simple sneeze? All of that power in one gigantic body surely deserves to be worshiped and pleased. Especially, a giantess, a female giant. The patriarchy has created a glass ceiling where there is sexual inequality so it's no wonder that men worship and fall to the power of women who are so big that they literally break through that glass ceiling with a simple step. People grovel at the feet of tremendous Goddesses in the hopes of appeasing her every whim. Her great beauty is blinding as she covers even the sun and yet they would live in her shadow for the rest of their life to be spared by her, only to continue on as her little worm.

"One can worship a woman’s body, but worshiping a woman’s body that is over 1,000 times larger than you is a completely different kind of worship… Every single pore, every single hair, every single thing at a much larger scale."

Giantess Worship

One can worship a woman’s body, but worshiping a woman’s body that is over 1,000 times larger than you is a completely different kind of worship. Something far more intimate, where you see her in high definition. Every single pore, every single hair, every single thing at a much larger scale. If you loved those forbidden nipples before, well now they’re the size of mountains. For those foot fetishists, you can now feel the power of literally being squashed below a pair of beautiful feet. To die underneath a foot is the greatest way to go.

Or perhaps an ass so large that instead of suffocating you and taking your breath away, it could squish you or a fart would blow you away. Scent worship isn’t just a sniff now; it is your atmosphere. You must breathe all of her in all the time as intoxicating as that may be; under her control and power constantly. Worship is now done differently, where there is no scale of how to please her and so much more to love and adore. Try as hard as you may just to be noticed and spared.

Moby Dick and Vore

Moby Dick and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids both displayed a different perspective; a view from inside the giant. To be eaten alive and sloshed around a giant mouth, completely enveloped in saliva, dodging teeth as if it were an obstacle course that your life depended on. You are just a tiny morsel of food, nothing large enough to even sustain a giantess with nutrients. A regular human tongue is so intimately sexy. The way it moves around and the many pleasurable things it can do to a human body. A giantess’s tongue, although sharp with her words, it is much more powerful where she could push your body against her teeth back and forth, lay you flat against the roof of her mouth as if you were just a piece of gum. A droplet of her spit would drown you. So viscous and thick that you’d feel utterly trapped in her web.

Gentle Giantess

Ah! Your heart racing out of your little chest from fearing for your life constantly? Not all giants and giantesses are out to destroy everything. Just like the movie BFG Big Friendly Giant, there are gentle ones out there. A more playful side of this kink. Being able to give a hug around her pinkie finger, falling asleep between her bosom and hearing her heartbeat, sitting on her shoulder for a ride, and seeing a whole new world – her world. To be treasured and safe as her little pet toy is a heartwarming feeling. Being in the presence of a giantess is overwhelmingly thrilling in itself and to be noticed and cared for by her is the biggest gift any tiny could ever dream of.

Giantess and Femdom

Giantess role play is a very fun way to switch things up in a BDSM scene. A simple addition to the current kinks that one may have but now blown up to a larger scale. It can make it lighthearted and fun for the Domme but even more intense for the sub as now they feel even smaller than their original position of being on their knees in front of her. There is a whole lot more to play with and it is less effort on the giantess as her existence and being are already larger than anyone can handle. So that sweat worship, those foot rubs, licking her shoe, etc is now detailed, precise, and done as though one’s life was dependent on it.

How to Practice Giantess Play in Real Life

Your Femdom may be 5’4 but she has the presence that would fill up an entire room. Here are some ways to incorporate this role play into your sessions:

  • The Domme may wear clothes that are too small as if she grew out of them and into a Giantess. Revealing and extra tight, a delectable treat for the sub themselves.
  • Play with angles - the Domme can stand over the sub while the sub is laying on their back, hovering her shoe over their face as if they were about to get squashed like a bug.
  • Use props - miniature sized toys like cars and figurines and attaching them to the subs’ mindset that the Domme is playing with the world around them and they are next can create the level of fear and excitement.
  • For vore play, I personally like to use gum as it is easy to shape and manipulate around in one’s mouth. Gum also activates your salivary glands making you increase your saliva, which in turn could be a torrential downpour over a sub’s face. Hover over the subs face with your giant mouth so they can see straight into the depths of their despair. Subs can breathe in the Domme’s breath entirely and drooling right over them is an added bonus.

We play in the realm of fantasy itself, so just like anything, it takes both parties to make it work. Let go of any inhibitions and play along. Allow your mind to grow and expand into the giantess or shrink into the tiny little sub.

Mae Ling, aka Miss Mae Ling is the Adorable Domme. She is an international Dominatrix, fetish content model/producer and creates custom butt plugs. With her performance art background combined with kink and BDSM, she has taught workshops and performe... Read More
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