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Why Eva Oh has a Fetish for Latex

Why Eva Oh has a Fetish for Latex

Calling all Rubberists
Mistress Eva Oh | December 23, 2020 | 4 min. read

Ever wondered why some kinks are so popular? Or if you’re the only one getting turned on by that freaky thing you’re doing in bed? Well, question no more because every month a guest from the kink community will take over this column and give us the 411 on their chosen kink. This month International Dominatrix Eva Oh is here to tell us all about her love for latex.

I adore latex. It encases and inspires me. It tests me with its tightness and celebrates each curve of my body no matter the day. There's no material that commands as much commitment from me or that gives back to me so much.

The first time that I squeezed into a piece of latex I was standing barefoot in a lush purple changing room in Sydney, Australia. The sales assistant drew the curtain, instructed me to wipe myself down with baby wipes and then told me to talcum powder up my butt, hips and thighs. I had chosen a black latex pencil skirt with translucent panels on the sides and I contorted my legs in, slowly inched it up, and heard the latex sheet roll and stutter around my thighs for the first time as it slowly snapped shut against the skin of my hips.

Latex has its own sound, smell, feel, taste and shine that belongs only to it. And when worn or experienced enough it can quickly make you long for it with nostalgia.

Eva Oh

With the latex skirt finally on I flung open the curtain where the sales assistant was waiting to brush off residual talc with her bare hands. I looked in the mirror and in my mind I had already handed her my credit card. The latex skirt made my hips announce their presence in a way that I hadn't seen on me before.

But it when I first battled with a catsuit that I truly made a commitment to the latex depths. The catsuit was bright red, hand delivered from New York and I pulled my shoulder during the 10 minute process that it took to get into it. But as soon as she was on I fell for latex hard. In any form latex knows how to hold you, but in a catsuit it takes a hold of you almost everywhere. It breeds the sensation of the tightest and most smothering hug on every inch of your skin, and that hug is also what makes each of those inches look glorious.

"It breeds the sensation of the tightest and most smothering hug on every inch of your skin"

Latex clothing began as a wartime innovation in the 19th century when it was bonded with other fabrics to improve their durability. And as wartime shifted it transitioned into use as the commercially celebrated Mackintosh raincoat. The Mackintosh spawned a dedicated community of those who recognised its sensorial and potential sexual appeal. And rubber fetishists congregated and communed by starting one of the UK's first fetish organisations, 'The Mackintosh Society'. Latex has since made the transition into fetish and high fashion, and it is now thankfully available across an incredible range of BDSM toys and gear.

After my first deep dance with a latex catsuit and its self-bondage sensation of sorts I began to crave its potential in my play. I started out by chasing the aesthetic, adorning myself and my BDSM slaves in all sorts of matching latex outfits. I then progressed to encasing my willing subjects in customised latex sleep sacks and vac-beds; and I continue to buy latex versions of BDSM gear as I get my slaves to lube, polish, clean, buy and help me dress and undress in the demanding process that is latex ownership.

Eva Oh

There is even the chance to lick off each bead of sweat that collects in between my skin and latex herself.

Latex can be a formidable Mistress. She can be challenging, restricting, liberating, bewitching and sometimes simply just stubbornly difficult. She offers a sensational result, could tear at any moment and knows how to keep you paying attention. And perhaps that's why I adore her so much. Or maybe it's the wonder of how latex, a humble material derived from tree sap, has inspired a collection of characteristics that speaks to how I aspire to move in the world myself…

Did this pique your interest? Check out Rubber Feel and Latex Sessions on XConfessions for more latex-fueled pleasures…

Eva Oh, aka Mistress Eva, is an International Dominatrix who hosts the #teakink series and Safeword Podcast. She runs the BDSM slave training platform and has published a Sex Work Guide with proceeds supporting Singapore non-prof... Read More
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