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Watersports & P*ss Play.... Why Though? 💦

Watersports & P*ss Play.... Why Though? 💦

Why Bishop Black thinks you should be partaking in a little bit of piss play
Bishop Black | January 26, 2021 | 4 min. read

Ever wondered why some kinks are so popular? Or if you’re the only one getting turned on by that thing you’re doing in bed? Each month a guest from the kink community takes over this column to give us the 411 on their chosen kink. This month Bishop Black is here to tell you why you should be trying watersports.

With fetishes becoming more accepted and even, dare I say, mainstream, many people are trying to incorporate them into their sexual practices. There are some kinks that people really enjoy exploring with their partner(s) or even publicly showing off, such as spanking or choking. Foot play is even getting a cursory nod. However, there are some that still don’t get the same appreciation, due to fear or stigma.

One of them is Watersports, or in other words, Piss Play.

Watersports is seen by many as a degrading and filthy act. It’s definitely one of the more embarrassing acts to admit enjoying, again due to stigma. And that shame can take away from the fact that piss play is actually perfectly normal! Not only normal, but extremely hot and sexy.

There’s another factor; the stage fright element. That for some, to even urinate in front of someone feels awkward, let alone urinate ON someone.

I was young when I first tried it out. it was hard for me to accept that this was a fetish I could be into. I was up for trying most things out, but I either hadn’t found the right partner to try it with, or didn’t have the confidence to ask someone to try it with me. But then one day I struck gold. I was in the middle of a hot encounter with a friend, who had a lot more experience on the subject than myself and with her help (and a lot of water), she guided me to have an amazing experience in the bathtub.

So… Why watersports?

Gif from Speedos Cleptomaniac on XConfessions

Five sexy points to celebrate the humble act of a golden shower:

1. Water sports can be a very intimate act between partners (steady or otherwise) that can build trust in ways unimaginable.

Also visually, it’s extremely sexy to watch. It is the ultimate exercise in body acceptance. Leaving your judgement behind and allowing vulnerability into your practice normalises these turn ons. And once we leave that judgement behind, we can truly focus on being present in the moment with our partner(s) to fully enjoy the experience.

2. As I mentioned earlier, there’s a lot of shame surrounding watersports. Conversely, engaging in it is actually very liberating.

In that manner, it’s something that requires preparation, even before your clothes are off. Conversations with your partner can be key to unlocking a lot of that shame, as it asks you to reflect upon what turns you on about it watersports. It can perhaps reveal some other kinks too! It is an amazing learning experience.

3. Fetish can be about playing with things that can be seen as taboo and this is a fun taboo to play with.

It’s important that you have an adequate space to play, meaning you have enough space, where you won’t be disturbed by anyone/anything and also feel comfortable in. Laying down a plastic sheet that can be easily cleaned afterwards avoids awkward room changes to the bathroom, for example, although the bathroom is also a good place. Just make sure you have priority time! Which leads to…

4. Have towels on hand, baby wipes, and a warm shower (other than the golden one!) on hand.

These small things can help in the after sex cleaning, as well as put you at ease if you are anxious about the mess. Just like any other kind of sex i.e squirting, anal, period sex, etc, there is a potential for mess. It’s not a big deal!

5. If you’re interested in exploring more elements of BDSM play, this is a good route to themes surrounding dominance and submission involved in things such as power play.

It’s not to say that it’s all about that but it can add another dimension to sex.

So, hopefully I’ve helped to change your perceptions on Watersports and maybe even convinced you to consider trying it out with your partners. And remember, sex is supposed to be explorative and fun and sometimes messy. Be safe and sexy and most importantly, enjoy!

Watch Bishop Black perform on XConfessions.

Find him in F*ck, Kill, Marry; Another Sex Dimension; Valentin, Pierre & Catalina, and many more indie adult movies on XConfessions.

Bishop Black is a performance artist and porn performer based in Berlin. He works with themes of BDSM, erotic performance, sexuality and dance. He has performed for pieces for theaters such as the Berliner Ensemble and Deutsche Opera, as well as bein... Read More
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      100% agree. Thanks for these kind words for that! There can be such a wide range to play with that. Hopefully we‘ll see a movie by Erika soon on that. The other stuff you find on the internet are not worth watching it and are mostly disturbing instead of getting in touch with that intimiatly kind of play.
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