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OMGyes: Unveiling the Female Orgasm

OMGyes: Unveiling the Female Orgasm

Erika Lust | February 01, 2016 | 3 min. read

As creators of porn for women, we get a lot of emails from guys who want to be better lovers. It always melts my heart a little bit! It's nice to to see that sort of initiative, a willingness to pay more attention to female pleasure. You might remember our guide to cunnilingus? We sure had fun writing that one! But we made sure to point out that paying attention and finding out what someone likes is worth more than a thousand tips about technique and secret moves.

Because the simple answer to questions like these are that there are no universal tricks that work for everyone. Apart from maybe communication! Everyone is different, and it's just impossible to say certain moves that work for everyone. That will always be the golden rule whenever we dish out any sex advice.  But it can still be great to get to know what certain women, even if that is by no means a representation of what all women will like. The website OMGyes is a place aiming to unveil the mystery of the female orgasm.

They talked to hundreds of women about desires, techniques and what makes them aroused. They then teamed up with researchers at Indiana University to poll over a 1,000 women between 18 and 95, to get their input on what makes them orgasm. They even found 30 women who were happy to demonstrate their favorite techniques on camera. And you can sign up to try the different techniques on a virtual vagina! Seems like the future is here! Whether you join or not, it's a fun project to check out.

So guys and gals, everyone interested to learn more about female pleasure, this is for you! Here are a just a few of the techniques that some of the women from OMGyes says helps them have good, intense orgasms.



Edging  is the technique in which you bring yourself close to an orgasm, then stop. When you edge, over and over again i.e bring yourself close to orgasm, then stop? you’re building up stronger orgasm, as your body literally bursts with pleasure when allowed to come. 65.5 percent of women practice this technique According to OMGYES’ research!



Hinting is a form of teasing, and around 70 percent of women report that they practice this. In hinting, the clit and the vaginal opening are given attention, but not a lot. Stimulation is avoided until later on. Builds up arousal for strong orgasms!



With accenting, women focus on one specific movement to get them home – whether that is circles, tapping, stroking, etc.



70 percent of the OMGyes women said they practice "surprise" – and it was defined as “defying expectation to enhance pleasure.” So it could mean side-stepping your tried and trusted technique with something unexpected to get that mind-blown effect. Who doesn't like a nice surprise?

The techniques were recognized by all girls in the Lust Office… I think OMGyes are really on to something here. I love the open conversational approach to talking about female pleasure – which means more, happy, healthy orgasms for all!

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