Sex on the Beach!

Sex on the Beach!

My Top 6 Beach Sex Confessions
Erika Lust | August 14, 2017 | 10 min. read

With the release of my new XConfessions porn for women La Mujer y El Pescador and the summer heat becoming oh so unbearable, I’ve been reminiscing and fantasizing about days at the beach! The fresh sea air, the cool water and salty, sandy feeling on your skin!

Whether it’s your local beach, a secluded cove on the Costa Brava, a nudist beach or a seaside resort full of sunkissed onlookers, it’s true to say that these unique places capture a certain part of the imagination and can fill your mind with lustful and erotic illusions! Perhaps you dream of visiting these beaches with your partner to explore some outdoors fun or you hope to meet a mystery lover who shares your ideas…

Either way, I am here to give you all the inspiration you need! I’ve gathered some of the most sensual seaside confessions from XConfessions members, cataloging the fantasies that will make you want to grab your swimming costumes (or not) and run to the beach immediately!

My Top 6 Beach Sex Confessions!⛱

Surf Gang Orgy! by 123Moondog

We have our little surf-gang, 8 boys and girls enjoying wave-surfing… In the nude! Every summer, we come together on our surf location, a secluded beach, away from peeping eyes! The atmosphere is very laid back and relaxed, but there is only one rule: Surfing is done always in the nude! Imagine, four handsome surfer dudes, and four gorgeous surfer babes, hanging around each other on the beach all day, surfing, laughing, flirting, enjoying life together… The atmosphere is getting more and more erotic during the day, a guy’s cock gets erect looking at a girl, emerging nude from the waves… A girl gets aroused by a remark, made by her favourite dude… At night, sitting around the camp fire, eating from the BBQ, booze going around, all eight are still stark naked, and start touching each other. A girl sucks a guy, two girls start fondling each other’s breasts, the other four are already entangled in each other, changing lovers constantly. There are no boundaries, all can do as they please, no rules, no holes barred, no fixed couples in relationships. Finally, when we all go to bed with our partner(s) of choice, there is no jealousy at all… Because tomorrow it all starts over again, and will continue for the rest of our summer camp…
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Photo by Massalo

From the Beach to my House by annamauriac

F. had come to kneel down to my towel on the sand and had begun to speak. Only a few minutes passed when he began to touch my arm, the few grains of sand on his fingers added to the caresses, a rough sensuality that excited me more. Already at that moment, I would have let him explore by sun kissed body. We had finally exchanged our numbers.

He had called me back that very evening. “Come to my house”, I ordered softly. I remember my room, the empty mosquito net waiting patiently to be the scene of the fury of our flesh. I had waited there watching France O then I had searched for a radio that could serve as background music. I thought of his dark skin, the clear interior of his hands, almost tenderly pink, his knotty fingers, who seemed to no longer need to make their only promise: pleasure.

I felt as though I had accumulated so much desire that it became hard to be patient. I squeezed my labia through my pants, my hand exerted a soft pressure on my button of pleasure, I swayed my pelvis. I closed my eyes. He could have been inside me in a second. I was ready. I leaned back against the wall, still touching myself. I already grew short of breath when my phone vibrated. He stood there, his smile, sweet smelling after-shave and desire. He kissed me, touching my hips.

I wanted him to come closer in order to feel his member through his jeans. I approached gently and took refuge in his soft lips, uttering small cries. Meaning that I liked it. Meaning that I still wanted to. That I wanted more. I imagined it between my thighs, the terrible pressure on my parts interspersing the crazy moments of a crazy tongue, the sounds of sucking, my groans. I could not wait. For the moment, he just stroked my anus. If he had wanted me from behind at that moment, I would have been ready, my pussy was so slippery…

Photo by Simon Studios

Invitada en La Playa by Cacaosousa

En una playa. Pedí que él me echase la crema. Al cambiarme de posición, noté una chica totalmente cómoda, con las piernas dobladas y entreabiertas.

Como tenía mi mentón apoyado en mis manos cruzadas, estaba mirando para la chica y continué a disfrutar de sus manos en mí. Sentí más crema pero ahora en mi culo, su mano bajando para mis piernas, rozaba el pulgar por mi muslo subiendo hasta mi vagina…cada vez que subía de nuevo, lo ponía más para dentro del bikini, apartando y dejando mi ella libre para jugar con el dedo.

La chica se interesó y yo abrí ligeramente las piernas para él. En esta altura, ya estaba mojada y el cada vez más excitado pero sin darse cuenta de la chica mirandonos. Él empezó a rozar su pene en mi y la chica pasaba uno de los dedos por su braguita del bikini. Invito a la chica a venir. Quiero chuparla. Jugamos los tres hasta explotarmos de placer.

Illustration by Cacaosousa

Deep-Dive Deepthroat by Sexydiver

I love the sensation of water flowing on my skin, a primal caress exploring every part of my body. I make no secret of this… In my scuba diving club, there is a very bright, stunning mid-30’s brunette. She was athletic, a healthy tan, shoulder-length hair that would constantly fly into her eyes with the slightest puff of wind, and her firm breasts that clearly indicated that bras were optional. We made prolonged eye contact a few times, a little chit-chat, but there was a little something in her eyes that indicated … curiosity ? Interest ? mutual attraction? Something definitely, but what? Diving has its routines. Check the gear, fill the tanks, load up the boat, motor off to a dive spot, listen to the dive briefing, split into pairs… This time Ann and I dive together. We check each other’s gear out in a corner of the deck. 1-2-3 we drop into the water and stabilize under the keel. A quick glance around, Ann gestures me to follow her, and to my surprise we head away from the other divers, towards what I thought was an unattractive part of the reef. That judgment was soon proved wrong. As soon as we got out of sight, Ann gestures me to stop and comes closer… she loosened her jacket exposing her naked breasts, then removed my bathing suit and gestured me to remove hers, which I gladly obliged. We put the suits in our dive jacket pockets, and gently swam together exploring the reef. I was like a shark, with a huge stiff fin watching this naked mermaid just beneath my eyes. She obviously was enjoying the view as I could hardly believe when Ann stopped, took her mouthpiece out and began sucking me, looking me in the eyes. This was only the beginning. We made love right there, weightless, enjoying the privacy of the ocean, exchanging occasional kisses, keeping an eye on our depth, on our air tanks… this should have lasted forever. Returning to the boat, we reluctantly got our suits back on at the last possible moment. As we left the sea, Ann’s eyes grew distant, we were in another world.

Image by Unknown artist

Cast Away by Chop

I dream about an erotic version of Cast Away, the 2000 survival drama starring Tom Hanks. In my dream I am shipwrecked and wake up on what I believe a deserted island. For days I try to find water and food without much luck. Just before I am about to give up hope, I’m discovered by a tribe of women who occupy the island. Lovingly they nurse me back to health. Although I was happy that they saved my life, it struck me as odd that the women wore no clothes and that I wasn’t allowed to wear any either.

As I got better it became obvious that I was kept alive as a sex slave to satisfy the women on the island and I was shared around if and when they were lusting after a man. At first it felt like a dream come true; I slept with beautiful and kind women, but one of the woman confided in me that if I failed to satisfy their needs I would become surplus to requirements and would be sacrificed to the island gods.

I knew that ultimately I would fail and plotted my escape. Secretly, I built a raft and one night, after one final evening of sexual exploitation, I set sail from the island. When I looked back the women stood on the beach and simply shrugged their shoulders and returned to their village, to wait for the next cast away.

Image by Unknown artist

Santorini Paradise by Steves0106

Last summer I was traveling around Greece with my brother. When we were in Santorini, we got chatting to some girls from Malta on the bus and made friends. That night, we all went out clubbing and one of the girls, Maria and I ended up kissing. We all agreed to meet up again the next day and explore the island. Man… that day was probably one of the best days of my life. They had a car and my brother and I rented out mopeds and we drove all around to island visiting the beaches of all different colours. Maria rode on the back of my moped with me. We were determined to get to the white beach which we’d heard about, but apparently you could only get there by paying for a boat ride. Well, we weren’t having any of that. We drove to the nearest beach, and decided to all swim around a peninsula to get there. It was beautiful. The cliffs were pure white and the sun was starting to get low in the sky. We all found a cliff and jumped off it into the ocean. When we swam back, Maria and I lagged behind until we lost the others. We lay on a small rock out on the peninsula, out of sight of both beaches, enjoying the sun on our bodies. We began kissing… then hands were wondering… then she took my cock out from my shorts and starting giving me a blowjob. We didn’t have sex on that rock but I wish we had… I’m sure people on boats or kayakers in the distance could probably see what we were doing but I was beyond the point of caring. It was beautiful. After that, we (probably suspiciously) returned to the others, then all of us went to watch the sunset from a lighthouse on the end of the island. It was a bloody fantastic summer and Maria and I still keep in touch.

Image by Maty Chevrière

Have you done anything naughty at the beach summer you just have to confess?!

Tell me your secrets on XConfessions now!

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