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Ho, Ho, Hoe! My Favourite Festive Confessions

Ho, Ho, Hoe! My Favourite Festive Confessions

Erika Lust | December 23, 2021 | 7 min. read

This Christmas it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been naughty or nice, you deserve to orgasm (twice). So, I’ve rounded up all my favourite holiday confessions so you can get some inspiration from people’s festive fantasies.

Motherfucker on XConfessions

Fucking Around the Christmas Tree 🎄

The best present for me would be to find my girlfriend, naked, waiting for me under the tree. I would unwrap her and fuck her under it, using all of the Christmas decoration with her. I could even pretend that I am Santa, and tell her that she's on the naughty list…

Confession by lightmyfire

Primary on Lust Cinema

Welcome Stranger to My Christmas Decor Party

I was on a trip to the US, and in my first week there I met a guy. He was that kind of guy that you look from a distance and think “oh my, if I could ever be with someone like that”. Well, turns out that guy came on to me and asked for my phone number, he wanted to take me out. So that night he picked me up and we just wanted to grab a few drinks, but we were getting along so well that saying goodbye just didn’t make sense… so he asked me to go with him to his family's house in the mountains as he was in charge of cleaning it up and decorating it for the holidays. We still hadn’t had sex and I really wanted to, so I said yes, and after pickings up the Christmas decorations at his apartment we started driving to the mountains. The moment we opened the door to the house he kissed me passionately, what I'd been waiting for the entire night… He brought me close to the fireplace and started the fire as it was freaking cold, and we started kissing each other's bodies slowly but fiercely and I was so turned on with everything, he was being everything I imagined when I first saw him. I think we didn’t even close the door, we couldn’t do anything else but possess each other's bodies. So we fucked for hours, without saying a word. We fell asleep by the fireplace and the next morning we started putting up the Christmas decorations. In my memories I see the light strings around his neck, I see him putting the garland around my naked hips and the ribbon on my breasts, us both dancing with the wooden little characters from the nativity scene, fooling around with the candy canes, feeling the wax from the candles…

Confession by sugarsugar12

Valentin, Pierre and Catalina on XConfessions

The Office Christmas Party Orgy

I was working in an office in high tech last year. The crowd there was nice, with lots of nice handsome men. I was pretty much the only girl in the office, so it was a very flirty environment. The guys were always looking at my ass in the hall and offering to get me coffee – and I liked it. They were always sweet about it, not like sexually harassing me or anything. I loved to see them get clumsy and like blushing schoolboys when I was in the room. Working at my desk, I often wondered what their cocks were like. What they looked like and tasted like.

Anyways, time came for the office Christmas party and I knew straight away it was going to be a messy one. I picked out a teeny weeny black sparkly dress. I bought some sexy underwear and sexy stockings, stuff I normally never wear. I got dressed sipping on prosecco, with a feeling something naughty was going to happen. At the party, we all had some lovely dinner. We were laughing and got drunk, all the boys looked so fucking handsome in their suits. We started fooling around and before I knew it, there were four of us in one of the back rooms and we were all kissing. The janitor walked past, and couldn’t believe his eyes. The guys were kissing each other and me, we were all touching like crazy, and I felt their cocks getting hard under their trousers. Before I knew it I was on my knees sucking their delicious dicks, with the Christmas music playing out loud. I’ve always dreamt of having three cocks just to myself.

It was the best Christmas present ever, although the boys looked quite embarrassed the following Monday at work, especially the married one. I would have gotten fired for lewd behaviour if one of the guys I blew hadn't been my boss. I was happy. I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas.

Confession by Snowblower

Dear Brother in Law on XConfessions

Sexy Santa 🎅

As Christmas is cumming, (ha, see what I did there!) I thought I'd share my Christmas confession. As a child I loved going to visit Santa at the shopping mall at Christmas - sitting on his lap, telling him what I wanted for Christmas and getting a present before I left. I wish there was a Santa for adults to visit and fantasise about my visit to this Santa. I walk into Santa's grotto and Santa is a sexy, gorgeous guy. I go over to him and sit on his lap. He gives me a glass of wine and we chat and I tell him about what I'd like for Christmas. He asks me if I've been a good girl. I say I have and he gives me a wrapped present. Then he says "Because you've been a good girl and also because you're very beautiful, I want to give you another present, if you want to accept it." He strokes my face and looks into my eyes and I know what he is offering me so I nod and he kisses me passionately before he undresses me then I undress him, pulling off his Santa suit but telling him to keep on his Santa hat. After some oral action from both of us, I sit on his lap again and ride him until we both cum together. As I leave, he kisses me and we wish each other Happy Christmas. Later, when I unwrap the present he gave me, I find it's a dildo moulded in the shape and size of his penis so I can have him inside me again, whenever I want!

Confession by Mrs. Claus

Eat With... Me on Else Cinema

Top of the Naughty List 🎁

Llevo muchos años queriendo hacer algo que realmente me da vergüenza admitir. Pero ya es hora. Quiero hacerle una mamada grandiosa a mi pareja bajo la mesa de navidad, cuando toda mi familia esté comiendo. De pequeña, siempre me escondía bajo la mesa y jugaba ahí, es algo que no quiero perder. Que nadie sepa que estamos ahí y darle el mejor regalo de Navidad que podría darle…

I have spent many years trying to do something… I'm even a bit embarrassed to admit. But it's time. I want to give my partner a great blowjob under the Christmas table, where all my family is eating. As a child, I always hid under the table and stayed playing there, it's something I do not want to lose. Nobody knows we're there and I'm giving him the best Christmas present I could possibly give…

Confession by tiamaria

Take Me Drunk, I'm Home on Else Cinema

Holiday Treat

This is the first year I brought my boyfriend to meet my family for the holidays and I have to say, I’ve never wanted to get into his pants more! He’s so good to my family and they all love him, which gets me so hot and bothered, I almost made him come during thanksgiving dinner by giving him an over the pants hand job! Before dessert was served, I got a little dessert myself in the hallway very close to the main living room. It was so hot to see him act like such a gentleman with my family and then fuck the shit out of me 5 minutes later.

Confession by alat3

If these confessions have left you fantasising about your own sexy holiday fun or maybe you’re finding yourself remembering your own stories of festive sexual encounters, then head on over to XConfessions and tell me all about it. I love hearing your sexual confessions and fantasies and I’m all for some extra holiday spirit!

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