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Your Go-To Guide on How to Ball Play in Foreplay

Your Go-To Guide on How to Ball Play in Foreplay

Erika Lust | October 20, 2020 | 4 min. read

Testicles, balls, nuts, crown jewels, testes, plums, walnuts, dangly bits, huevos, the boys, fun sack… Whatever you call them, the testicles are often ignored during sex but simple ball play in foreplay can be an excellent source of pleasure.

Stuck on where to begin? Well, for starters, don’t ignore them. If you haven’t yet incorporated testicle play into your sexy sessions, then it’s about time you did. Here are some tried and tested methods of playing ball.

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Let’s talk scrotum, not ball

First thing’s first, although we call it ball play it’s actually more about stimulating the scrotal skin than the actual testicles. The scrotal skin is the sack that holds the balls and is the area that can be stimulated. Even though science proves us wrong in our identification of the downtown region, I say call them what you’d like, because what’s important is how you show them love. 😉

Cup ’em

Balls are really sensitive, so a basic introduction to your new friends can be simply cupping them during sex. You’re acknowledging them, while also giving them the attention they crave. If you’re ready to go a little further but not quite ready for mouth-to-ball contact, you can blow some air on them to give them a sweet cooling sensation.

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A Gentle Tug

Be gentle with this one. Some penis owners like to have their balls lightly tugged on, especially right before they climax to intensify their orgasm. Communication is always key when trying new sexual activities with your partner, and some balls are more sensitive than others. So if your partner wants you to give this a go, try giving their balls a little tug before you play to test their sensitivity so you and your partner can define what gentle means for them.

Find the Seam

There’s a central line that runs down the middle of their scrotal sack. Find it, then trace it with your finger or tongue. The seam is made up of a bunch of nerve endings and can make for a very pleasurable experience.

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Give them a massage at the same time as a hand job or blow job. Not only will this take their orgasm up a notch, but testicle massages have been known to increase testosterone levels and boost sperm count! Again, first and foremost communication with your partner about pressure and movements is necessary. Always, always pay attention to their body language.

Lick ’em

If you’re down there giving head, why not give the balls some lovin’ too? You can try the figure eight move and circle your tongue in and around the two balls, creating a swirling motion. Think of it like licking an ice cream cone, lick, lick, lick but remember, no biting.

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Suck, suck

With a slight sucking technique, you can easily take one of their balls into your mouth to really make their toes curl. For those ready to take it all in, turn that ice cream cone into a lollipop and suck, suck, suck.

Move to the perineum

The perineum is that little area in between the scrotum and the anus, and an area commonly overlooked. Nonetheless, it’s an erogenous zone to be touched, massaged, and licked to really send your partner reeling.

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So come on, let’s get balls-out (about balls 😉)! I would love to hear about your experiences and any other tips about testicles you have. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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