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How to Keep Your Sex Life Over The Holidays

How to Keep Your Sex Life Over The Holidays

Erika Lust | December 20, 2022 | 2 min. read

With the holiday season comes the socially accepted excuse to indulge in seasonal guilty pleasures - peppermint flavored cocktails, and endless amounts of food. But with all the overindulgence comes the necessity to keep yourself feeling your sexiest so your sex life stays hot (and under the mistletoe, snog seshes may commence) even while you satisfy those holiday cravings.

With these tips you’ll be feeling sexy from the inside out so much so you’ll be begging to be on the naughty list.

Masturbation: All I want for Christmas is me, myself & I

When visiting family, sex with a partner isn’t always an option but sex with yourself is. You’ve heard me say thousands of times that masturbation should be a part of your self-care routine (if it isn’t already). So, again, self-love is how we gain self-confidence when it comes to our bodies, no matter how showing yourself that love looks like for you. If masturbation is a part of your self-care routine then this is the year that you need to treat yourself with the gift that will keep your sexy self going all the way into the new year (& more). You got it, masturbation. And, if you want a little extra holiday cheer, treat yourself with a green or red sex toy or some eggnog-flavored lube.

Put on your sexiest undergarments

Sexy underwear and lingerie aren’t necessarily about your partner’s enjoyment but your own satisfaction knowing you feel good in what you’re in. Even if you’re stuck at family gatherings you can keep yourself feeling all the sexy vibes. And, if your annual festivities have been canceled this year as they have for many, this is how you can make sure you provide your holidays with your own version of sugar & spice. Whether it’s candy cane thermal underwear or that lacy red number, put on whatever makes you feel all the sexiness no matter what comes up on your holiday agenda.

Think of your favourite sexual fantasy and add a holiday twist

What’s your sexual fantasy? Now imagine it with a sweet holiday spin. You know I love listening to all of yours on XConfessions but let’s make them festive! If you’re into role-playing, what about taking on the characters of your preferred holiday film? Maybe you’re a fan of quickies - why not having yours during a holiday party for some orgasmic cheer? If you’ve found a way to give your sexual fantasy a festive twist, then [share it with me over on XConfessions.

If you've already experienced a steamy sexual encounter during the holidays, come tell me all about it! I can’t wait to read yours 😉

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