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Watch One Girl One Cup: An Explicit Guide to Menstrual Cups

Watch One Girl One Cup: An Explicit Guide to Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups can be challenging. Learn everything you need to know with these explicit tutorials.
Erika Lust | July 08, 2020 | 2 min. read

The Female Company take over The Lust Ed video series with three of the most explicit tutorials ever showing us exactly how to use a menstrual cup.

You may have tried using them and found yourself asking, ‘How do I fold it?‘, ‘How do I insert it?‘ and ‘what about getting it out?!’ Well, fear not because The Female Company is here alongside adult performer and sex educator Lina Bembe to answer all of your questions. There’s no way to explain how to use the cup without showing it so they have made the most explicit tutorials ever. From folding techniques to the best positions to insert and remove the cup, Lina Bembe explains everything you need to know about the cup in three explicit videos. Over to them with One Girl, One Cup…

Tutorial 1: The Quickie

Menstrual cycles can be a challenge and the taboo around menstrual education means that there are still a lot of questions around how to use the cup. Lina is here in the first tutorial to show us how to fold.

Tutorial 2: The Work Out

Inserting a cup isn’t only a matter of ‘pushing it up’. The Work Out tutorial explains and provides advice on how to position the cup in front of the cervix to create a vacuum that will prevent leakage. Lina also shows some useful insertion positions.

Tutorial 3: The Pull Out

This tutorial is all about removing the cup. What’s the stem really for? What do I do if the cup feels stuck inside the vagina? Plus some advice on how to safely boil your cup.

So, are you ready to go forth and use your cup? Check out more on the One Girl One Cup website!

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