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Touch Me, Please Me, Ignite My Fire: Cannabis & Sexual Freedom

Touch Me, Please Me, Ignite My Fire: Cannabis & Sexual Freedom

Lizzy Jeff | December 03, 2019 | 7 min. read

Sensuality coach, founder of lifestyle brand Zen and Kush and artist Lizzy Jeff talks about cannabis as the gateway to sexual freedom. In this guest article she tells us her favorite cannabis based sex & wellness products that she uses and lets us in on daily cannabis rituals for activating your sensuality. Once you've finished, pair these new techniques with my porn for women on XConfessions and put them to the test!

I was face down, ass up, puffin on lavender Kush while my beautiful lover ate my pussy like his life depended on it. He realized, in the moment of my orgasm, he had found God and was drinking from the divine fountain of immortality. The Kush had his consciousness heightened along with his desire to please me and make me feel like a Goddess. He let the medicine guide his tongue and I loved every blissful moment of it. That’s the night cannabis introduced me to my most powerful, soul expanding orgasm.

Just moments before he began worshipping me with his lips, he massaged my Yoni with a CBD infused arousal oil from Foria, called Awaken. Minutes after applying, I felt the increase in blood flow to my vagina and clitoris, I was wetter than the African Nile. The ancestors had spoken directly to him through my cosmic womb. They reminded him of the importance of my pleasure and to always worship divine feminine energy. Foria had my pussy tasting like mint chocolate chip, coconut oil and sweet vanilla. My clitoris was pulsating so hard after he finished, it felt like I was still between his lips. That Foria Awaken was the answer to all my fantasies. My super sensitive vulva was activated and the CBD receptors in my pussy were rejoicing as every lick felt like the entire cosmos was flowing from womb. While I came, we held hands and I envisioned vividly all of my dreams and desires coming true. Sex magic & cannabis are the perfect fusion for manifesting your greatest fantasies.

His crown now rests between my thighs as he caresses my nipples. Right before we switch positions, I pass him the joint. Fishnets, Jodeci & sun kissed ganja make for a blissful night of tantric rituals and pleasure. We proceeded to eye gaze for 15 minutes before touching again. No words, just ultimate surrender to each other’s souls. Our evening had just begun. I swallowed a 50mg CBD capsule from Onda Wellness, took a deep long breath as I tied my hair above my head, then proceeded to lead my King to ecstasy. Mama Ganja has enhanced my sex life on many levels, giving me the freedom to time travel when I bring her into the bedroom. Whether in the form of tincture, tea, capsules, lubes, edibles or traditional joints, she helps me to tune into various functions of my body that I never knew existed.

Have you ever experienced a BOSM breast rub and lick down followed by a blissful orgasm? Do you know the bliss of THC kisses all over your body? There are many scientific facts that back the incredible wonders of cannabis in the bedroom and I highly advise you to do some research for yourself. Based on my personal experiences and the sensuality coaching I do with couples and singles, I can tell you first hand that cannabis is the gateway to sexual freedom, unblocking your root chakra and activating creative brilliance. It not only relaxes your body, relieves soreness and helps you get out of your head during sex, it also greatly enhances the feeling of touch, especially when someone is running their tongue up your thighs after an intimate Kiskanu infused massage.

Cannabis can be just as powerful during solo play as it is during partner play. As I stated, there are many ways to bring cannabis into your bedroom rituals and truly thrive. My biggest piece of advice is to explore and stay curious. Communicate with your lover and experiment with different doses to see what works for you. Bringing cannabis and intention into your love making will not only heighten your pleasure and increase your awareness to body language, it will elevate the communication and trust between you and your lover. This sacred plant will help you release your guard and open your heart to love, deep connection and healing. Click on some of the resources in this article and embark upon your own journey with cannabis. Whether you roll up a fatty or insert a THC suppository (vaginally or analy), remember to always set an intention before you consume the plant medicine. Intention will set the tone for your entire sexual experience, allowing the herb to serve as a conduit between you and your nirvana. Remember her sacredness and you will always be guided.

Here are 7 cannabis rituals for activating your sensuality every day of the week:

1. Sacred Sunday: Light a red candle for passion then give yourself or your lover a slow, sensual full body rub using your favorite CBD infused topicals and massage oils. While your hands glide slowly over curves and muscles, whisper affirmations of love and empowerment. This is the perfect ritual for grounding and setting the tone for a prosperous week.

2. Magical Monday: Dim the lights, listen to “Yoni” by Aste Mari on repeat while you pick out your favorite silk robe. Brew up a pot of aphrodisiac herbal tea and worship yourself for hours in front of the mirror. Damiana, rose and lavender are a few classy herbs that blend beautifully with cannabis. With each sip, remind yourself of just how sexy and powerful you are.

3. Tasty Tuesday: Get your creativity flowing with a nicely rolled hemp flower joint while your lover treats you to head before you roll out of bed. Return the favor if you’d like. Meditation followed by 69 in the morning is a wonderful way to enjoy your wake & bake.

4. Hump Wednesday: This is a perfect day to try cannabis infused suppositories and make sweet love to your partner. Kiskanu and Foria have great options. Happy hump day!

5. Thirsty Thursday: There are some really juicy, plant based edible oils that enhance lubrication and help to quench any thirst your lover might have.

6. Flirty Friday: On Fridays, I recommend spraying 5 splashes of Awaken on your clitoris (if you have one), massage it in while you tell yourself how sexy you are, then go out flirting. This is the true definition of orgasmic living.

7. Sensuous Saturday: Before you start your day, activate your Libido with one drop of Libido Femme from Onda Wellness. A fusion of CBD, Chinese herbs and pure intention, this oil is the perfect recipe for a sensuous, seductive close to your week.

You’re on your way to the greatest bliss you’ve ever experienced. Get out of your head and let your intuition lead the way. If you ever need inspiration, simply DM me on Instagram.

About the author:

Sensuality Coach, musician and medicine woman, Lizzy Jeff is the leader of a new, emerging renaissance, dedicated to elevating consciousness through music, curated events and plant medicine. She’s an activist for radical self love, empowerment and community healing. Lizzy constantly pushes boundaries through all of her creative expressions and challenges those around her to truly explore their authentic selves. Lizzy is the founder of Zen and Kush, a lifestyle brand & series of immersive healing events infusing the elements of music, fashion, sensuality & art.

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