Weekly Roundup

The Lust Weekly Roundup: A New Sexual Experience

The Lust Weekly Roundup: A New Sexual Experience

Monday 22 February – Sunday 28 February, 2021
Erika Lust | March 01, 2021 | 3 min. read

This is the weekly Lust news roundup: catch up on the week’s sex-tech, sex-politics, feminism, and industry news here every week.

News Roundup:

Do you know what the different LGBTQIA+ flags stand for? Get to Know the History Behind 21 LGBTQIA+ Pride Flags and What They Each Represent. [Parade]

Chloé Zhao becomes the first Asian woman to win the Golden Globe for best director. A huge congratulations to Chloé as she is also only the second woman ever to win this award. [The New York Times]

Partner toys can create a whole new sexual experience, so find out How To Use A Partner Toy For The First Time. [Bustle]

Has someone ever asked you about your past sexual partners on a date? Here’s why you Do Not Ask a Woman How Many Sexual Partners She’s Had. [Level]

We Asked Men Who Ask Strangers to Rate Their Dicks: Why? [Vice]

And, for all you penis owners looking for some tips on taking nude pics, I gave advice on my Ask Lust column that will provide you with all you need to make your pics sensual & sexy.

This Week’s Lust News:

BDSM on a Budget at Home with Ron Hades: The Lust Ed x Sex School [Lust Zine]

Kink XXX-plainer: Humiliation by Kali Sudhra [Lust Zine]

Watch the Wellness Series: Sexual Healing with Jazmin Kylene [Lust Zine]

Introducing my newest feature on the Lust Zine: The Watchlist. Each month I'll be reviewing a series or movie I've been watching & loving. And, for my first review: The Watch List: 'It's a Sin' by Russell T Davies [Lust Zine]

Every day I receive crowdsourced sexual confessions and fantasies that XConfessions guest directors and I turn into indie erotic films. Head to XConfessions, the home for quality porn for women, now to confess your sexual fantasy. If your confession is chosen, you are rewarded with a one year access pass to the site and get to see your story on film.

A Lesson in the Art of Fellatio

I’m a girl who’s always had an oral obsession. For my birthday, I’d love to ask my boyfriend for a very special present: a lesson in the art of fellatio, to be able to practice on him, given by an expert man. The idea of learning from a man how to drive another man mad with lust is in itself profoundly hot to me. And so is the 3 way that would ensue…

Confession by Alcan


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