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Yoga for Better Orgasms with Phoebe Wilson

Yoga for Better Orgasms with Phoebe Wilson

Yoga for more pleasure? That's "self care" I can get behind...
Phoebe Wilson | February 11, 2021 | 2 min. read

The importance of self-care and sexual health can never be understated; the Lust Zine Wellness Series invites various experts and guides to help teach practices that will greater expand what wellness means to you. All episodes of the series are available to watch on my Youtube and right here on Lust Zine for free.

Taking care of yourself is always important but it feels even more important at the moment as we all live under the anxiety of the current pandemic. Many of us are trying to be as healthy as we can despite the current circumstances that may be making it harder than usual for a lot of people.

Whether you're in confinement or not, yoga is a cheap, easy thing you can do at home to look after your body and your mind. And (this is a big "and") did you know that a few simple yoga positions can help you experience better orgasms?! So now you're looking after your body, your mind, and your pleasure… So if you find yourself in the mood post-yoga sesh, my porn for women movies will be waiting for you over on XConfessions to add to your after workout bliss😉

For this instalment of the Lust Zine Wellness Series I invited LA yoga teacher Phoebe Wilson to teach us all three simple yoga moves that you can practice at home to experience better orgasms. All you need is 3 minutes, your body, and a mat or a towel for the floor! Check it out below or on my Youtube!

If you missed the first two parts of the Wellness Series make sure you also check them out. Juliana Luna was teaching us how to sync our bodies with the moon by moving out bodies. Learn how to body roll with the new moon and pole dance in the full moon.

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Phoebe Wilson is a certified yoga teacher, PR + communications specialist, and human woman living in Los Angeles. She uses yoga to connect with herself, step away from the repetitive cycles of daily life and interact more thoughtfully with the world ... Read More
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