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Women Only! The XConfessions Lesbian Collection

Lesbian Love!

10 female-centric and lesbian fantasies in one collection


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Throughout the XConfessions project I’ve received so many incredible lesbian fantasies. Whether they’re posted by gay or bisexual women, those who fantasize about trying something new or admissions of lust from those exploring and indulging new and exciting elements of their sexuality; they’ve all been confessions full of pleasure, respect and absolute lust!


I had the pleasure of producing my first lesbian threesome with three beautiful and captivating performers in I Wish I Was a Lesbian, by a member called dazednconfused. Zoe Geovanna, Paulita Pappel and Maria Agrado explore everything group sex has to offer! Starting with a light lunch and flirting, they engage in a loving and passionate threesome which became one of my all time favourite shorts!

Since then I’ve turned your confessions into 9 more tantalizing shorts; portraying foursomes, solo scenes, kink, rough sex and even ghosts!

My 2015 short Spectrophilia starts with an intense solo scene from Dido Wend, before she’s interrupted by the appearance of a ghost, Amber Nevada. This was one of my most art-house films at the time! And it was exciting to explore a little taboo; not just sex with ghosts but also a face sitting scene, which UK politicians seemed to be very much against at the time!


One of the most fun shorts to make was Meow Kittens Orgy. I released this foursome scene in 2016, based on a confession about costume fetish and girls dressed up as kitties by Amber Nevada herself! I couldn’t resist the chance to bring her fantasy to life, especially with the potential for feline fashion, licking, petting and purring!


My latest lesbian short, and maybe one of my all time favourites, is Girls Fight Club. I released the short earlier this year, featuring a cast of all your favourite female performers! It’s rough sex, domination and lots and lots of ferocious girl power, I love it!


I’ve complied 10 of these female-centric and lesbian fantasies exploring mutual masturbation, group sex and the pleasures of self-love, to create the XConfessions Lesbian Collection!

Available now in Lust Store!

The collection features these 10 short films (that’s 125 minutes of pure female pleasure!):

Girls Fight Club
Be a Hero
I Wish I Was a Lesbian
My Roomie’s Toy
My First Time Eating Oysters and Pussy
Meow Kittens Orgy
I Believe in Happy Endings
Hold Me So Tight it Hurts
The Ultimate Kink


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