Saniyyah Lateef

Niyyah (They/Them) aka @HeauxOnTheGeaux is a Community Sexual Health Educator, Pleasure Activist, Heaux Mentor, Abortion Doula & Sex Toy Reviewer. They strive to create easy & accessible, free sex education to folks in the Black community - prioritizing liberation, decolonization & harm reduction. Niyyah’s goal in their work is to create a world in which sex & shame no longer co-exist; a world in which speaking freely about sex & pleasure are no longer taboo; and as a non-binary, queer, polyamorous person, Niyyah also emphasizes uplifting & highlighting those in their marginalized communities.


The Difference Between Sex, Gender & Sexuality, Explained

by Saniyyah Lateef

Sexual Health & Polyamory: How to Have Safer Sex with Multiple Partners

by Saniyyah Lateef