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The Most Ridiculous Sex Positions You Tried This Summer

The Most Ridiculous Sex Positions You Tried This Summer

I asked on Instagram, you answered with your sexiest summer antics
Erika Lust | August 28, 2021 | 4 min. read

The summer often comes with a sexual freedom and a willingness to try new things. There’s just something about sunshine, less clothing, and glistening, sweaty bodies that makes sex especially erotic at this time of year. So I wanted to know, what exactly have you been doing? More specifically, what crazy sex positions did you try this summer?

I asked you on Instagram, and boy did you deliver. I received a lot of responses but here are 10 of my favourites. Thanks for all of your messages! Experimentation is an important part of a healthy and fun sex life. So the next time you’re about to get down n dirty, instead of going for your go-to moves, try one of these crazy sex positions.

This is what you told me…

“Holding on to the top of a toilet cubicle, taking the weight off, while being fucked wildly”

What isn’t to love about dirty toilet sex? It's a yes from me…

“Standing pose when preparing dinner”

There’s always time for a quickie while dinner is cooking, and you can save time by doing it on the kitchen counter. Check out my XConfessions short film Before the Guests Arrive for more inspiration if you're into this!

“The helicopter”

I admit I had to look this one up… and wow. Warning: Flexibility needed.

To get into the helicopter, the person being penetrated needs to get onto their knees and elbows. Then the penetrator gets behind their partner, also on hands and knees, raises their legs over their partner and inserts the penis or dildo… Confused? Me too! Google it ;)

“Handstand, while he was fucking me”

Another challenging one, I can’t imagine holding a handstand whilst having sex. Seems like my Instagram followers are very athletic. You must have great upper body strength, bravo.

“Trying to copy Samantha from Sex & The City: sideways penetration.”

Undeniably the best character in Sex and The City, Samantha always provides the perfect sex (and life) inspiration. And sideways penetration is sure to feel good.

Impregnation Nation on XConfessions

“Wheel pose”

This is another acrobatic one that translates from your yoga practice to your sex life. Natalie Portnoy illustrates perfectly how to do this in the film still above from Impregnation Nation on XConfessions.


Sitting on your partner’s face has got to be one of the sexiest things you can do. Straddle their head and lower yourself over their mouth. This is a great position because it puts the receiver in control, so that they can adjust the pressure and speed to whatever suits their taste.

“The “pile driver” really hot and great feeling but so funny and unnecessarily acrobatic”

OK this responder must be flexible because the pile driver requires quite a lot of manoeuvring. This is another yoga / sex mash up. The receiver lies on their back and lifts their legs in the air until their feet are next to their head. The penetrator is on top and can hold the receivers ankles so that they stay by the head. This position will cause the receiver’s lower back to lift up off the bed with most of the pressure on their shoulders and neck.

“The boat”

The receiver lies comfortably on their belly with their legs open. The penetrator gets on top, placing their legs in between their partners and enters them from behind. Et voila..

“Pool sex… weightless like an astronaut”

A summer classic, sex in water. Everyone should have a go at this before the season is out. But remember to lube up people! Check out my guide to sex in water if you need some more pointers…

So, what else have you been doing this summer? Tell me in the comments…

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