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Out of Bed & Into The Wet: A Guide to Sex in Water

Out of Bed & Into The Wet: A Guide to Sex in Water

Erika Lust | July 25, 2021 | 5 min. read

No matter where you live or what your plans are, summer is the season of (sexual) opportunities. Rising temperatures are literally a door opener for sexy al fresco activities and lots of outdoor sex. My motto this month is get out of the bed and into the wet! Or to put it in simpler words: let’s try underwater sex.

We’ve all seen it before, in romantic Hollywood movies or in porn, but have you ever tried sex in water yourself? Whether it’s an ocean, pool, lake, jacuzzi, river, or even a shower, sex in water is among our top sexual fantasies. Unfortunately, in practice underwater sex isn’t always like what we see on screen. Once you try it yourself you’ll find that it can be a lot more slippery, awkward and in a certain way even a lot drier than expected. But with the right knowledge, sex in water can be super thrilling and pleasurable which is why I decided to dedicate this week’s sex guide to this particular topic. Here is what you need to know before you dive in.

Film still from 'Ibiza Splash Crush' in WET - The Aquatic Collection

Why Is Underwater Sex So Great?

Besides the fact that it is a thrilling and fun alternation to the usual spots to get it on, underwater sex comes with a whole set of other advantages. One of the greatest things about sex in water is that it allows you to say bye bye, gravitational restraints! This can open up a whole new world of possibilities, especially for people who have joint problems or other conditions that would usually stop them from trying certain positions or force them to keep sex short. Since I am a strong advocate for senior sex, I think especially the seniors amongst us should consider underwater sex this summer ;). But don’t forget that you are also at greater risk for slipping, so chose your location wisely and always be careful! You might want to consider purchasing a pair of water shoes for more security and hygiene.

Lubricant For Underwater Use

Lubrication under water? I know it sounds strange, but your underwater experience might get a lot drier than you think. What many people don’t know is that water can wash away the natural lubrication of the vagina which can be a very unpleasant sensation. Always bring lube to fully enjoy your summer adventure. Be aware of the kind of lube you use. Water-based or oil-based lubricants will not do the trick, they will get diluted in the water. The best lube for underwater sex is a silicon based one. They are usually a bit more expensive than other lubes, but trust me, it is worth it!

Hygiene: Infections And Bacteria

The sad truth is, that basically any public bodies of water are pretty nasty, especially natural waters like lakes and oceans. Even though most pools and jacuzzi’s have chlorine, there is still a lot of bacteria floating around. The good news is, water born infections and diseases are still kind of hard to contract. The greatest risk is that the bacteria can cause urinary tract infections which you will want to avoid. If you have penetrative sex in the water, make sure you get a warm shower right after you finish and pee (in a toilet) to get any bacteria out of your urinary tract. Check out this article for all of the sex hygiene habits you need to know!

Film still from 'Ibiza Splash Crush' in WET - The Aquatic Collection

Water Proof Safer Sex Methods

If you are taking hormonal birth control, it will obviously protect you form unwanted pregnancy in the water as it does on land, but unfortunately it doesn’t keep you save from STIs. There is a common misbelieve that STI’s are less likely to be transmitted underwater, but this is false information!! STIs can be transmitted in any body of water. Classic condoms do not always work well in water and can therefore not be counted on to protect you from pregnancy or STIs. Most condom brands specifically mention this in their instructions. A better option might be to try a female condom. Female condoms are inserted into the body and are therefore less likely to be compromised by water. I recommend to practice inserting a female condom a few times. If you’ve never done it before, it might occur difficult at the beginning. My main advice though: take the focus off penetrative sex! We place way too much value on penetrative sex in general, but underwater it is especially unnecessary. Focus on other fun stuff instead, like playing around with the sensations of the water when you touch each other.

Remember To Be Respectful

Depending on the location you chose, please keep in mind that there might be people around who are not in the same mood as you are. Have fun, but be respectful. And please, don’t leave any trash behind. Make sure you clean up any lube bottles, condom packages or paper towels you might use, so the next couple can have the same fantastic experience as you.

Wet - The Aquatic Collection on The Store by Erika Lust

Get Inspired & Watch Wet – The Aquatic Collection

The best way to learn is still to see for yourself. If you want to see all of these tips put into practice in a visual sex guide before you try it yourself, watch my XConfessions Compilation WET which is currently available with 30% OFF! Do you feel ready to jump into your summer adventure? If you have any more questions or comments about my sex guide or anything else please leave a comment in the comment section below!

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