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Music to Masturbate To: Lust Team Takeover the Fucking Playlist

Music to Masturbate To: Lust Team Takeover the Fucking Playlist

Erika Lust | May 19, 2021 | 3 min. read

Welcome to my Fucking Playlist takeover. Each week creatives from all over the world select their top songs for, you guessed it, fucking. This week, it's a special masturbation edition with the Erika Lust Communications team! If you like Frank Ocean, The Internet and Blood Orange - this one is for you.

Happy Masturbation Month! I'm celebrating all month long with my team here at Lust HQ - we're enjoying 30 minute masturbation breaks each day, we've been debunking masturbation myths, getting kinky, and now my Comms team has put together a super sexy Spotify playlist of their favourite songs to masturbate to.

And don't forget… we're going to reach the climax of the month on the 25 May with our FREE digital live event: Lust Zine x Allbodies: Live Masturbation Workshop hosted by a sexologist and three adult performers. There will be a deep dive into the anatomy of pleasure and a variety of masturbation techniques for all bodies with an explicit demo. Sign up for free here!

But for now, sit back and enjoy some music to masturbate to… 🎶💦🎶

The Playlist Breakdown

1. Your go-to song to get in the mood / get turned on?
Cat, Head of Communications & Content: Same Damn Luck - Nilfüer Yanya

2. A song you have a fun/crazy sex story about?
Cat, Head of Communications & Content: Frank Ocean - Pyramids

3. A song that always makes you feel sexy?
Catalina, Media Director: Fue Mejor - Kali Uchis

4. A song that you never get tired of listening to?
Catalina, Media Director: Chosen - Blood Orange

5. A song that reminds you of a lover?
Brogan, Content Manager: Beauty in the Dark (Groove with You) - Mos Def & The Isley Brothers

6. A song that helps you relax?
Brogan, Content Manager: Cherish the Day - Sade

7. Last song you played for someone?
Khaliah, Social Media Manager: Hold On - The Internet

8. The song that best defines you?
Khaliah, Social Media Manager: Gemini - Princess Nokia

9. A song from a concert you loved?
Yeralidine, Community Manager: No Eyes - Radio Edit by Claptone

10. A song from a sexy music video you love?
Yeralidine, Community Manager: Delito - Nathy Peluso

11. A song that makes you want to touch yourself?
Sara, Press Officer: Stand Still - Sabrina Claudio

12. A song that sounds like sex?
Sara, Press Officer: Feels like - Nao

13. A song for a first date?
Kimberly, Content Coordinator: Bad Things – Cailin Russo

14. A song for your masturbation style?
Kimberly, Content Coordinator: The Morning – The Weeknd

⚠️ Lust Team Bonus song ⚠️
Next Life - Maya B. We all love this song, it's the perfect self love tune…

Ready, set, masturbate… Go listen to the playlist now! 💦

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