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In The News: Cara Delevingne is Joining Sex-Tech Startup

In The News: Cara Delevingne is Joining Sex-Tech Startup

Monday 16 - Sunday 22 November, 2020
Erika Lust | November 23, 2020 | 2 min. read

This is the weekly Lust news roundup: catch up on the week’s sex-tech, sex-politics, feminism, and industry news here every week.

News Roundup:

Kimberly Seals Allers looks at the issue of corporate interest in Black maternal mortality: The Black Maternal Mortality Crisis Is Not For Sale [Refinery29]

If you’re interested in reading more about that, please read the guest piece by Almaz Ohene from Decolonising Contraception: Colonialism & the Sexual and Reproductive Health of Black Women and Women of Colour [Lust Zine]

Cara Delevingne is joining sex-tech startup Lora DiCarlo as co-owner and creative adviser. Delevingne says. “I grew up pretty repressed and English in terms of sexuality. That relationship that you have with yourself is the most important one in the world. And this is not just to do with pleasuring yourself, but it’s about exploration and loving yourself.” [Fast Company]

Sia Criticized for Not Casting Actors With Autism, Attacks Critics on Twitter. After releasing a preview of her debut movie, Music, Sia is facing criticism over the casting of her longtime collaborator Maddie Ziegler in the role of Music, described as “a teenager with special needs” in a press release for the movie, which Sia directed and co-wrote. [Vulture]

Growing up on a farm in Virginia during segregation, Gladys West knew education would be her means of escape but she didn’t know her work would change lives around the world. Gladys West: the hidden figure who helped invent GPS [The Guardian]

November is Native American Heritage Month, and the Trevor Project has released a special research brief detailing mental health and suicide risk among American Indian/Alaskan Native youth. American Indian/Alaskan Native LGBTQ+ Youth Face High Suicide Risk [Advocate]

This Week’s Lust News:

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The Fucking Playlist Takeover: Tyler the Girl. Each week creatives from all around the world will be making playlists of their favourite songs for, you got that right, fucking. [Lust Zine]

Ask Lust: Loss of Libido in a Long-Term Relationship. [Lust Zine]

Adult Material: An inaccurate portrayal of the adult industry. How the new channel 4 show uses age old stereotypes & tropes of sex work. [Lust Zine]

International Men's Day: A round up of activists and organisations doing the work to deconstruct the meaning of being man, rejecting toxic masculinity, and providing vital services for men's mental health. [Lust Zine]


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