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The Lust Weekly Roundup: Porn Literate Sex Ed

The Lust Weekly Roundup: Porn Literate Sex Ed

Monday 14 June – Sunday 20 June, 2021
Erika Lust | June 21, 2021 | 3 min. read

This is the weekly Lust news roundup: catch up on the week’s sex-tech, sex-politics, feminism, and industry news here every week.

News Roundup:

If You Ignore Porn, You Aren’t Teaching Sex Ed — Peggy Orenstein is back to tell us all why we should be speaking to our children about the explicit content they are consuming. [The New York Times]

Victoria’s Secret’s ‘feminist’ rebrand is as flimsy as a polyester thong — “The lingerie giant is jumping on the Female Empowerment™ bandwagon. Call me cynical, but this feels desperate.” [The Guardian]

Black women have always led the fight for reparations. ‘They’re not getting their due,’ historians say — Here are three women throughout history you might not know about [The Lily]

Online sex crimes crisis in South Korea affecting all women, report finds — Molka – the use of hidden cameras to film explicit images of women without their consent – is adversely affecting all women and girls in South Korea according to a new report by Human Rights Watch. [The Guardian]

Hungary introduces law banning LGBT content in schools or on children’s television — in a terrifying crackdown on LGBTQI+ rights, Hungary introduces an inhumane law banning LGBTQI+ content in schools & on children’s television. [i News]

This Week’s Lust News:

New release: XConfessions Volume 27: Six of Your Secret Sexual Fantasies on The Store by Erika Lust

How to Observe Juneteenth: A Resource Roundup of what I'm reading, watching, and doing to educate myself around this US holiday.

A new Lust Zine Wellness Series video: Nude Portraits & Self-Care: A Day in the Life of Maria Kn

Diaper Fetish: Everything You Wanna Know About The Big Taboo by Miss Mae Ling

Sex & Wine: Bring Sensual Wine Rituals into Your Life by Marissa A. Ross

Watch Porn, Donate to Charity: Your Pleasure Helps – To celebrate Pride 2021 all proceeds from The Pride Collection are donated to ILGA World

Every day I receive crowdsourced sexual confessions and fantasies that XConfessions guest directors and I turn into indie erotic films. Head to XConfessions now to confess your sexual fantasy. If your confession is chosen, you are rewarded with a one year access pass to the site and get to see your story on film.


Pegging my husband is one of the hottest and most empowering things I have ever done. I get so wet from making him moan with my thrusts, while he asks me to fuck him harder. It's addictive…

Read the full confession by Sexy Llama


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