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Celebrate Pride With Your Favourite Lesbian Sex Positions

Celebrate Pride With Your Favourite Lesbian Sex Positions

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Erika Lust | June 17, 2020 | 4 min. read

To celebrate Pride 2020 this week’s XConfessions App Guide is all about the best sex positions for two people with vulvas. Sex with two vulvas is a beautiful thing, yet it continues to be misrepresented in mainstream media and of course, in porn (not in porn for women though 😉). All too often the people showing two woman having sex are heterosexual, and instantly think of sex as penetrative intercourse. So, to dispel this myth I asked my Instagram followers to tell me their favourite lady-loving-lady positions, and this is what they said…

Disclaimer: this list is not just for lesbians! They can be enjoyed by queer, bisexual, or pansexual women, as well as non-binary and trans people with vulvas.

Fragments on Lust Cinema


So a lot of you sent me this one, turns out it’s a classic for a reason. It tends to get a bad rep because mainstream porn makes it seem like it’s the only thing lesbians do. But I know that a lot of you still enjoy it. So, have your partner lie on their side and straddle one of their legs so your clits rub together. Grind on.


Another popular response from you shows that the 69 is another classic that never gets old. You can do this the original way or the lazy way… If you wanna take it easy, then lay on your side facing each other and then go down on each other — just like a normal 69, but laying on your sides.


Sit on your throne and put your crown on because it’s time for some Queening. Just like face-sitting, but with a much better name, straddle your partner’s face and let them use their mouth to stimulate your vulva or anus. You’re on top so you can control the speed and the pressure.

Reverse Face-Sitting

Another great position, sit on your partner’s face but facing their feet. It will give you new angles of pleasure and it means that you can lean over and play with your partner’s clit or vulva. Plus, it also gives your partner easy access to play with your butt.

The MILF Next Door

Mutual Masturbation

No touching! Sit back and show each other how you masturbate at the same time. It’s surprisingly intimate, it’s guaranteed to be hot, plus, when you masturbate together you get to see how each of you like to be touched. Mutual masturbation can be the main course or it can be part of your foreplay.


If you both love a good grind then you can grind away together – either on each other’s thighs or you can cup each other’s hands under the other’s vulva and thrust against each other’s hand. This was another popular response that shows we all like a good grind.


Have your partner get on all fours with their pelvis lifted, start by licking their clitoris and vulva, and if they’re up for it, move on to anilingus.


If you have a strap-on harness and dildo then you can experiment with pegging in different penetrative positions. A good one for deep penetration that can stimulate the G-spot is elevated missionary where the receiving partner lays back and puts their feet on top of their partner’s shoulders.

Coffee with Pleasure on XConfessions


Lie in a spooning position behind your partner and reach your top arm over to finger their clitoris. For double trouble, they can also reach back and finger you too. You can also try this standing. Stand behind them and reach around with one hand to finger them. Massage their breast with the other hand or pull their hair if they’re into it.


Sit on the edge of a sofa, chair, or anything you fancy, and have your partner kneel between your legs. They’ll have easy access to your vulva and can use their fingers or mouth on you, or both simultaneously.

I would love to hear more about your experiences and any other tips you have. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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