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Erika Lust Year in Review 2020

Erika Lust Year in Review 2020

Let's look back on this wild year
Erika Lust | December 29, 2020 | 5 min. read

We’re coming to the end of 2020, and what a year it’s been. Unlike any other year we know, but we got through it together so I’d like to thank all of you for making this year better and for continuing to support our mission at Erika Lust Films and for continuing to watch our porn for women.

So please join me in looking back on this year. Here are some of my highlights!

Let's talk numbers, baby 👩‍🏫

Most of us were stuck at home this year which means you managed to watch 300,000 hours of adult cinema on XConfessions, Lust Cinema, Else Cinema.

We welcomed 4.3 million of you to our sites and 200,000 of you came to join me on social media.

We shot 25 new productions around the world from Spain to Colombia, and from Germany to the USA.

We welcomed 10 new directors to the Lust family and we worked with 30 new performers in addition to the performers you already know and love!

What you loved this year... 💘

Your Favourite Films of 2020

1. Sex & Love in the time of Quarantine

This was based on my own fantasy on XConfessions. I was at home, in lock down, like the rest of the world, craving human connection and intimacy, so we made this special documentary with six performers around the world showing us how they pleasure themselves during isolation.

In Florida, King Noire & Jet Setting Jasmine played a kinky game of heads & tails, in Barcelona the couple behind MySweetApple played a sexy version of Twister, and in New York and LA respectively, Kenneth Play and Casey Calvert showed us how they self pleasure.

2. Safe Word

Safe Word was another special shoot for me as it was my first Original mini series for Lust Cinema and I was able to work with the incredible Nina Hartley, Mona Wales, Mickey Mod and Julia Roca. The perfect series for those who wanted to explore the world of BDSM this year… which it seems like you did 😉

3. Super Femmes

And finally, the three Super Femmes Natassia Dreams, Estella Bathory & Luna Corazón made history with this XConfessions short film which was awarded the XBIZ Award for Best Lesbian Sex Scene. This was the first time a trans performer was nominated in the lesbian category, and it was also special for Estella Bathory, who was nominated for a non "BBW" category for the first time.

We had so much fun on set and the result is a badass, superhero movie with very hot sex. Bravo ladies! 👏

Your Favourite Categories

This year you were all about the Group Sex & the Romance categories. And no, the two aren't mutually exclusive 😉

Your Favourite Performers

Your favourite performers this year were…

The Canadian queer queen of pleasure herself, Kali Sudhra was back on all of your screens in Rollers and Rituals: An Intimate Portrait of Kali Sudhra.

You loved Caroline Flores, especially her solo movie Bailo Conmigo which was also our first XConfessions short film shot in Colombia!

You couldn't get enough of Italian beauty Maria Agrado and I don't blame you! She has the harmonious beauty of an actress from classic cinema and the camera loves her.

Finally, the very sexy and charming Mickey Mod was back on your screens in the Lust Cinema Originals Fragments and in my own Safe Word where he played himself.

What a selection! 👏

Shiny new things 💎

We Launched Else Cinema

The Erika Lust Soft Edition for when you’re looking for something else, Else Cinema is the first video on demand platform offering more sensual movies for those looking for a softer experience. From romantic storylines to passionate affairs, there is something for everyone who wishes to enter the world of seduction. It’s a perfect place to start for those who want to see less explicit movies and for people who want a safe space to explore their sexual fantasies.

Lust Zine is Here!

In November I launched this online magazine exploring sex, sexuality and intimacy with articles and videos by myself, sex workers, educators, experts, journalists and some pieces by you too.

These are the articles that you loved this year…

  1. The Lust Ed: An Explicit Video Guide to Multiple Orgasms with Kenneth Play
  2. My Lusty Quarantine free one month calendar
  3. An Introduction to Yoni Massage
  4. How to Finger a Vagina
  5. Masturbation Tips for People with Vaginas

& We Said Hello on More Social Platforms

We also joined Tik Tok, launched the XConfessions Instagram and went back onto Youtube (for now…). The adult industry continues to experience unfair censorship and #biasedbanning by social media platforms that adhere to a conservative, white, cis, het male perception of what is "allowed", but we hope to continue using these platforms.

What's next in 2021 👀

Erika Lust on set of ASMR

Stay tuned for two exciting projects coming soon including my first ASMR film and a new Lust Cinema Original movie shot in Barcelona about love in a non-monogamous relationship….

Happy New Year Lusties 💋

Erika Lust is an award-winning filmmaker, producer, and writer who's focus on female pleasure, cinematic values, and ethics in adult cinema have helped to change how pornography is consumed. Erika Lust Films was born in 2004 and since then Erika has ... Read More
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