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Ask Lust: How do I Take Sexy Photos as a Man?

Ask Lust: How do I Take Sexy Photos as a Man?

Erika Lust | December 13, 2020 | 4 min. read | Photos by Visual-ess

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Dear Ask Lust,

So I read through the advice for selfies, loved it btw, but while I can extract some helpful information I was wondering if you have any advice on taking sensual/artistic nude selfies for guys. Positions, posture, angles that sort of thing. I always feel kind of like I’m trying too hard or it will be taken as “just a dick pic” rather than a playful flirtatious moment with my partner.

– Bryan

Dear Bryan,

My Ask Lust on how to take a good nude went down but you’re completely right in that it was very focused on bodies with vulvas! So thanks for getting in touch, and for your insightful question. The world definitely needs more sensual nudes from penis owners and less dick pics!

I asked around my team and I’ve compiled our advice for you to help you master the art of a naked selfie…

Kim, my Content Assistant says, “Dick pics, like all pics of genitalia, should include consent from the receiving party. I don't want to be staring your lil' friend in the face without having solicited for it."

Find Your Light

Brogan, my Content Manager says, “Please turn the flash off! We don’t want to see a close up of your penis looking like a crime scene. The best light is always natural, but if that’s not possible look for warm lighting like a bedside lamp. And avoid harsh overhead lighting or strong lighting behind you."

My partner Pablo says, “Do not focus on your cock. Spend time thinking in the best lighting, a full frontal full illuminated nude is not sexy”

Penis Owners Have Curves Too

It’s not all about the penis, what about your butt, thighs, back, chest, arms? Try an over the shoulder butt shot in the mirror or lie face down on the bed and arch your back slightly to raise your butt.

Sara, my Press Officer says, “Use your abdomen as the centre of the photo concentrating on the area between the belly button and your pubis. Avoid close-ups of your penis; it is preferable that you show it in a subtle way taking advantage of the curvature of your thighs and buttocks.”

The Face

Don’t forget the face is important too! Roberto, Project Manager of Lust Cinema says, “Your face is very important as you have to look relaxed but also seductive”

Get those bedroom eyes ready…

You Don’t Have to be Naked

Don’t underestimate the power of an underwear pic! Put some nice underwear on and strike a pose. I promise that when done right this can be even hotter than a full frontal nude.

Some Notes on the Penis

If you do want to get your penis out, then it is all down to personal preference. Some people like to see a sexy side angle in the mirror with your hand holding the penis, others like an under angle shot to really give the dick centre stage, standing tall and mighty. You can ask the receiver what they’d like to see!

Roberto, has some advice for your penis too, “When you are doing a nude picture the penis should be half erected, not too much but so it’s looking a little happy. A little body oil always helps for some erotic shine. You can also touch your body a little bit, the chest or the abs. And turn your body to the side so the audience can see the penis properly.”

Whatever you’re doing, try to get creative with your nudes and don’t just depend on close-up dick pics. And, make sure you’re enjoying the process too. This shouldn’t be a chore or a long challenge, it should be an activity that turns you on too! So enjoy it and if it feels forced then try something else.

Illustration by Visual-ess:

Visual-ess is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator and has had her work published in books and showcased by companies such as Universal, Austin Reed and Long Tall Sally. She particularly enjoys illustration as she’s able to utilise a wide range of bright colours, shades, and tones, combined with a dash of playful humour, as a way of channelling various emotions and to express real-life experiences.

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