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New XConfessions Erotic Artists Illustrating Your Sexual Fantasies

New XConfessions Erotic Artists Illustrating Your Sexual Fantasies

Erika Lust | December 28, 2020 | 5 min. read

In 2020, XConfessions gained new artists that we could not be more proud to collaborate with. These artists illustrate the crowd-sourced erotic confessions and fantasies that we receive from you every day. These confessions then become the inspiration for the porn for women on XConfessions that are directed by myself and other brilliant directors.

Some of these artists you may already recognise and love, while others are waiting for you to discover their talent. Their work is sex positive, diverse and explores eroticism in unique ways. If you like their work, please show them some love, follow them and support them to help them keep making beautiful erotic art!

Although I am only able to mention a few here, all of the artists who are current collaborators are available to view on the XConfessions artist gallery page. And, if you’re an erotic artist yourself, we would love to hear from you! We’re always looking for diverse, erotic artists from all around the world. If you’re interested in participating, write us at

And, now for what you’ve all been waiting for… more erotic art.


Agnes is a Brazilian visual artist that has worked with erotic art since 2018. Her focus is female pleasure, simplicity and minimalism. She creates unique lines to fit one another.

Discover Agnes' erotic art on XConfessions

Anastasia Marchenko

Anastasia Marchenko is a photographer from Moscow, Russia, pursuing her work in photography since she was 18. Re-qualified into photojournalism 7 years after finishing her Bachelors’s. Former family and wedding photographer, now one of the pioneers in the field of modern erotic photography in Russia. Anastasia has found her calling in erotic photography and aesthetic pornography, shooting commercial and creative individual, couples’ and group projects.

Her main goal is showing person’s uniqueness and beauty in her works, conveying the freedom of feeling and thought. Anastasia is furthermore a member and resident photographer of a sex-positive community in Moscow which unites and inspires openminded people.

Discover Anastasia Marchenko on XConfessions

Atikant Arya

Atikant Arya is a freelance photographer based in New Delhi, India.

Find more of Atikant Arya's work on XConfessions


"Nos enseñaron a reprimir nuestro erotismo, yo quiero resignificarlo. I am a woman connected with her sensuality. I plan to show that through my art, and no one will stop me from doing so."
— Aymi

Discover Aymi's art on XConfessions

Kamilla Varga

Kamilla Varga is an artist from Hungary whose goal is to highlight the beauty and the power of women through art.

See more art by Kamilla Varga on XConfessions


"Erotic art sprang from me, in an unexpected way. As a result of a turning point in my life, I was reborn from the search for motivations that transformed my reality. It started as a private game between 2 and ended up being the main channel of expression and contribution to this world that I inhabit. After a few years, I understood that sex and the taboo that it entails, had been marked in my being from my DNA and somehow that mega-data gave a total answer,… why erotic? why sex? I think that as a woman who tries to expose the limitlessness of passion and desire, in a world where even that equation is in constant questioning, connects me with my ancestors and with the generations yet to come, in an invisible world where life lies and coexists, imagination and fantasy, and everything is possible."

Discover LA SALÓ on XConfessions

Lauren Woods (Portrait Mami)

Lauren Woods (a.k.a. Portrait Mami) is a professional analogue photographer based between North Carolina and California. Their work is characterized by their simplistic storytelling mixed with the art of vulnerability and inclusivity. Their perspective on staying true to the essence of their subjects set the tone for their work. With their main focuses on the queer community, people of color and other unique individuals, Lauren utilizes their vision to highlight and uplift these communities. As well as their bold styles.

Discover Portrait Mami's art on XConfessions

Sol Duarte

"Planted by aliens on the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal, I struggle to represent everything that I want to. Drawing nudes and sexual scenes was always something I wanted to do but always had some kind of block about it. Starting to draw my own nudes and get inspired by my own fantasies allowed me to feel liberated and to explore myself in a totally different way. In general I try to represent my realities and the ones of the people who surround me and that I feel connected to."
— Sol Duarte

Discover Sol Duarte on XConfessions

Tainá Maneschy

Tainá Maneschy, visual artist from Pará, Brazilian currently based in Lisbon, Portugal, graduated in Cinema, she worked in the area of audiovisual and cinematographic production. In 2016, she began to learn to paint and draw without prior knowledge or experience. Today her work explores the faces of sexual desires and female frustrations, going through feelings like loneliness and desire. In addition to portraying female sexuality naturally, she actively seeks female representation in the world of erotic art. It's a woman talking to women about women's sexuality. The characters portrayed in their arts seek their own pleasure. They are not there to satisfy male pleasures or to serve as muses.

See more of Tainá Maneschy's art on XConfessions

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