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How to Make a Sexy Advent Calendar for Your Partner

How to Make a Sexy Advent Calendar for Your Partner

Erika Lust | November 30, 2021 | 4 min. read

It's officially the festive season and I want to guide you through how to make your own sexy 12 day advent calendar for a partner, f*ck buddy, porn viewing partner or maybe just a special friend. It’s bound to make the entire month of December worth looking forward to for you and for them. So whether you want to keep it cheap or you’ve got a bit of cash to splash I’ve got some ideas for you.

If you don’t want to splash any cash

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I know that the best gifts in life are free, so try out some of these spend-free ways to have a sexy countdown to the holiday season.

12 days of nudes 🤳

As it says on the tin, 12 days of beautiful, sexy nudes for your partner. You can either print them out and put them inside envelopes clearly marked for each day, or you can do it virtually if you and your partner aren’t able to see each other.

I would recommend taking the photos ahead of schedule so that they are all ready to send on each day. You don’t want to be scrambling around on the day trying to take a sexy snap if you’re not in the mood!

Make sure you check out my top tips for taking a good nude first!

12 days of love notes 💌

If nudes aren’t your thing and you’re in the mood for a little bit of romance this year, what about 12 days of love notes (or emails)? Or better yet, sexy notes about your sex fantasies that you'd like to reenact with your partner? Or a mix of the two… the options are endless.

Get some inspiration from the anonymous fantasies people send to me on XConfessions!

12 days of sex challenges 😛

Another day, another sex challenge. Write down a sex challenge for each of the 12 days and work your way through this active experiment in the lead up to the holidays. Whether it’s trying something new together or treating your partner to something tried and tested that you know they love… the options are endless!

This is what my 12 days of sex challenges would look like… feel free to adapt 😉
Day 1: Edging
Day 2: Anal
Day 3: Have sex in front of a fire or by the Christmas tree
Day 4: Ball play
Day 5: Prostate milking
Day 6: Wrap yourself up as a sexy gift for your partner
Day 7: Safe & consensual choking
Day 8: Squirting
Day 9: Mutual masturbation
Day 10: Rimming
Day 11: Hand job
Day 12: Fingering

Or if you want some more inspiration check out my XConfessions App to discover new shared fantasies between you and your partner/s!

If you can splash a little bit of cash 🤑


12 days of dates 💕

Plan 12 days of dates for your partner. Mix sexy challenges with romantic dinner dates. Think candle lit dinner one night, followed by a bath with mulled wine and Christmas songs, followed by a naked brunch the next, and why not chuck in a night of anal sex or BDSM in there for good measure?!

This requires a little bit of time, planning and some cash if you wanna pay for some dates.

If you wanna splash some cash 💰💰💰

Female Pleasure Circle

12 days of sexy gifts 🎁

Make your partner their very own sexy gift calendar & you're definitely going to be on Santa's good list this year.

Buy 12 gifts that you and your partner can enjoy together (or alone), wrap them up, and label them with each day. You could hide them around the house for them to find each day or if you don't live together you could mail them.

You can get creative here and really tailor this to what you and your partner like! But to get you started here are some ideas from me to you: butt plug, lube, strap on, blindfold, massage candles, whip, vibrator, anal beads.

'Tis the season to be naughty, which one will you choose? 🎄

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