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Lust in LA

Thank you Los Angeles!

Oh my Gosh, what a rollercoaster! I can’t even get my head on straight after the craziness, the awesomeness that was my first trip to LA. It was everything I’d ever hoped for and more. I could not believe that somehow I had managed to gather an incredible crowd of the most sex-positive, political, progressive, charming and beautiful people all in the same room, to watch my films. What an honor it was.

So let’s start at the beginning. After my amazing trip to the Guadalajara Film Festival where I won an award for Directing, I headed with my husband Pablo over to LA. I’d organised meetings with lots of my favourite people, but the main event (well.. apart from meeting Jill Soloway who is my total idol and an experience I will never forget, in her house no less!) was the screening night of my XConfessions films! Organised by the Berlin Film Society and FoxWolf, and hosted by the incredibly funny, smart, brave, fabulous Shan Boodram. Watch a video of the night below, and scroll for the gallery.

I got to the venue, the super famous Mack Sennett Studios in Silver Lake, early because I was so excited! I took a look around the space and then saw Shan strolling towards me, bossing it in the most killer outfit of the night. Super friendly and full of energy, her and her boyfriend were like this unbelievably gorgeous phenomenon walking towards me. What a powerhouse woman! Then I went inside and had a look at the displays from our sponsors, CLONE-A-WILLY, FORIA, We Are TulipFine & Raw Chocolate, Fun Factory, Thundress, WOO lubricant and Spectrum Boutique who had their tables set up ready for everyone to arrive. The amazing Tristan Taormino showed up first and we had a fantastic conversation in the VIP room. As everyone started arriving for the event, they were greeted with a shot of Mezcal at the door, and then descended down some stairs into the #safeapp space, where pole dancers from Sheila Kelley were getting saucy. For about an hour everyone was hanging out drinking, chatting and watching the performances until Shan did an amazing introduction to the screening (with numerology and making audience members stand up, it was incredible) and then screening my films! Myself and Shan gave a Q&A at the end and I left everyone with this message:

If you aren’t paying for your porn, who is?

After the screening and Q&A we were meant to have a dance with Dj Cocodisco and a party for an hour – but, unbelievably, people started queueing up to talk to me!! I couldn’t believe it, I was astonished. For a whole hour I was chatting with person after person, some fans, telling me how I had totally changed porn for them and that they loved my work. It was unbelievable. I’m still not over it! It was one of the best nights of my life, so I want to thank each and every one of you for being there. Standing out on the stage and seeing faces like Holly Randall, Whitney Bell, Zoë Ligon, Nicholas Adamski, Ramon Nomar, Kayden Kross, Tristan Taormino, Cleo Stiller and countless others, all there to see my films?! And oh my gosh, didn’t Ramon look handsome in his TUXEDO! Scroll down for pics 😉

‪My last meeting in LA has been the best, a big pleasure @lacigreen

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I had plenty of fun on the other days I was there too. I had a fantastic chat with Laci Green. We met for breakfast but ended up having lunch together too, as the conversation was so interesting and we couldn’t stop talking! We chatted about censorship on the internet and all of the stuff she’s had to put up with online – as have I! It was so good to meet you Laci <3

Plus I appear on the Podcast Sex with Emily, with Emily – who is one of my new best friends, for sure. We got along so well and I really hope she wasn’t joking when she said she wanted to come and Guest Direct a film in the summer!

And last but most certainly not least, I had my meeting with Jill Soloway, with whom I was completely starstruck having watched their Ted talk and swooning over every minute of their t.v. shows I Love Dick and Transparent. They are my real, true hero and I had the absolute privilege and honor of being invited to their house for breakfast with their family and friends. It was honestly too special a day to share with the whole world, I want to keep it private for myself!

So, what a whirlwind LA was! But keep an eye out …

Next up: Tokyo, London, New York and Buenos Aires!

Special thanks to:

Madame Gandhi, Laci Green, Shannon Boodram, Whitney Bell, Zoë Ligon, Nicholas Adamski, Dj Cocodisco, Ramon Nomar, Kayden Kross, Holly Randall, Tristan Taormino, Cleo Stiller, 


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