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Real Couple, Real Sex by Ninja on Lust Cinema!

NEW RELEASE | Lust Cinema
Ninja Approved: Toronto by Ninja

Nympho Ninjas are back at Lust Cinema with their third release! Here at Lust we’ve fallen in love with the genuine, honest intimacy between couples and lovers that Nympho Ninjas have brought us over the years! And Ninja Approved: Toronto is absolutely no exception.  Watch the trailer below:

Since releasing Los Angeles last year, a story of two friends whose natural rapport and intimacy builds into an explosion of passion, Nympho Ninjas have created this equally passionate, but this time deeply romantic portrayal of a Toronto based couple. Vera and Clint invite us into their warm and unique relationship and share with us the secret to their love and unending lust.

toronto 2

The couple take us on a walk through the park where we fall hard for their love story and later invite us into their bedroom. Nympho Ninjas once again use their aesthetic ingenuity to create an atmosphere of safety and trust, while simultaneously building the tension that creates fire beneath you! This is a must see for those who enjoy real life, hot, intense sex that leaves you ever so slightly short of breath.

toronto 1
“Toronto is the scenario of our third release by Nympho Ninjas, one of the most interesting and cinematographic porn producers nowadays. Fall in love with Vera and Clint in this deeply romantic film about love with lots of chemistry and real sex.”
toronto 5

What I love about this film is how close and personal we get with the performers. Nothing is glamorized or spectacular! There isn’t even a soundtrack. But that’s what connects us with the performers and creates such sensation in the viewer! In an interview we made with them back in 2015 they explained “Often we’ll plan props and location ahead of time but the actual acts themselves in the films are spontaneous and reflections of the real sex we have when the cameras are off…The whole Feminist Porn movement has been amazing and so important for our culture and our friend pointed out that some people may initially turn away from something called “feminist porn” because of their own prior judgement on the term. But our films stand true to the ethics and ideals of Feminist Porn without being advertised as such.” Hell yeah!

Read my interview with Nympho Ninjas on feminist porn here.

You can watch this and more now in Lust Cinema!

Or… download it in HD from my store.

toronto 4

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